demon realm.

“I caught you!”
The cold voice flows out, as if it covers the eight wastelands of the universe and all kinds of heaven and earth, and has the ability to transform heaven and earth.
“It’s just the Outsider Demon Lord, what a loud tone! You are throwing yourself into a trap!”
The Demon God of Infinite Tribulation had a sneer on his face. When he raised his hand, a dense and dense Demonic Network of Ten Thousand Tribulations appeared in the depths of his palm. Countless black and red threads quickly spread into the boundless Demonic Realm. On top of the infinite Demonic Network, densely packed tribulation eyes appeared. In an instant, Suddenly, Zhang Jian felt the wails of millions of people deep in his eyebrows. Curses appeared in the depths of the spiritual platform. Red light transformed from countless tribulations filled the air and fell from the sky one after another.
This is a second-level eternal Taoist method of the heart type, but with the curse of the common people, it is no longer possible to quickly reach the third-level eternal Taoist method.
This is the advantage of playing at home.
Zhang Jian looked at him and sneered.
/“I have heard that all the dragon clans in the fairy world are warriors and unruly, but you don’t look like you are from the dragon clan at all!”
It is rumored that the Infinite Tribulation Demon God is the innate demon fetus born from the last immeasurable calamity.
But this time it was different. What he possessed was a real dragon from the fairy world, and he eventually became a demon god.
A little pure green lotus fairy light emerged from the depths of Zhang Jian’s palm, and countless demonic tribulation nets wherever it passed were shattered under the green lotus fairy light in an instant.
Although it was an away game, Zhang Jian’s control of the rules of the avenue far surpassed that of the Demon God.
This is a despairing disparity.
It’s like Zhang Jian first met the Demon Saint Baize tens of thousands of years ago.
The countenance of the Wujiao Demon God changed, and he also noticed this. Although he was carrying boundless tribulation evil energy, he still seemed to be stretched thin in the face of his peak skills.
“The catastrophe of opening the sky!”
Sensing the dangerous energy, countless black and red magic lights intertwined deep in his palm, suddenly turned into a magic seal, countless light and shadow bloomed from it, and suddenly turned into a giant sword that opened up the world, with a faint hint of reopening the world, shattering The wonders of all things.
Zhang Jian looked at this scene with a hint of sneer in his eyes.
“As the demon god in charge of calamity, he actually involves the rules of destruction and termination. It’s really not his job!”
Zhang Jian’s expression remained unchanged. As he raised his hand, a purple-yellow divine light flowed out from the depths of his palm and turned into millions of layers of earth-yellow divine light.
That is the second-order eternal Taoist Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang Formation.
Countless terrify