zens of Taoist masters in the field, there is also a third-level magical power user, who must be the confidant of Emperor Minghuang.

With just a glance, Zhang Jian was certain that these powerful men did not pose much of a threat to him.
The only one who needs to be careful is the Emperor Minghuang.
This Divine Emperor Minghuang was not the third-turn great magical power he imagined, but a real Taoist Master from the other side.
Zhang Jian did not use secret techniques to pry, which was impolite behavior. However, as his Taoism continued to improve and he had the original jade beads with him, he was vaguely aware of the terrifying aspects of Minghuang Divine Emperor.
He could feel that the Phoenix Divine Emperor was unfathomable.
Zhang Jian noticed that the leader of the temple, the Emperor Minghuang, also cast his gaze on him from time to time, with a special look in his eyes.
But after a moment, Emperor Minghuang still withdrew his gaze. Perhaps to her, Zhang Jian was just a slightly special strong man. In her long cultivation career, she had seen such an existence many times. Go.
After the banquet was over, Emperor Minghuang stood up and left.
/After the other gods and gods met with Zhang Jian, most of them left the meeting with good intentions. A few of them may not be good at words, but they did not show any malice. Only a few looked at him with scrutiny from beginning to end, and finally left. , he still made no secret of his xenophobic hostility.
Zhang Jian didn’t care.
On the side, Taoist Master Chiping took Zhang Jian to his temporary residence, a rather exquisite monastery located on the bank of a beautiful lake, surrounded by strange and exotic flowers. Cao Cao, and informed Zhang Jian that Emperor Minghuang’s lecture would be in seven days.
In the monastery, after Taoist Master Chiping left, Zhang Jian’s expression was a little subtle, and there was a strange look in his eyes.
This strangeness was directed at the Emperor Minghuang.
The other party may not recognize that he has changed his roots, qi, and Taoist magic power, or even covered up the mark of destiny, but he has a vague suspicion about the Emperor Minghuang.
The first time he met the Minghuang Divine Emperor, Zhang Jian vaguely noticed that the other person’s eyes were very familiar.
As an innate saint, Zhang Jian has always had a good memory.
As long as you have seen an existence, you will never forget it.
He could clearly remember the existence that he had met, even if he glanced at it accidentally.
In his memory, that familiar existence left a very deep impression on him.
He almost killed him in the long river of time and space.
That is Demon Lord Minghuang!
Zhang Jian always remembered the terrifying demon king who tried to destroy the Three Emperors’ Heavenly Realm.
Although he has never seen the other party’s true form, he still remembers that special look.
“Yes or no?”
Zhang Jian’s eyes flickered, and there was something strange in his eyes. He once asked Patriarch Yu Wang about the origin of Demon Lord Minghuang.