it down. After asking the first and second sisters in detail about the situation under their control, Zhang Jian quickly gave some solutions.

The Immortal Court Heaven Realm will definitely not be open to the outside world within the twelve Yuanhui.
This is to ensure that Zhang Jian himself can fully control the fairyland, but some resources and even authority can be exchanged in advance.
For example, when faced with the idea that Chunyang Taoist Lord, the Lord of Donghua Heaven Realm, had an incarnation and came to understand and control the Chunyang Dao Law of this world, Zhang Jian agreed after thinking about it for a moment.
/As a condition, he also needs to control one hundred yuanhui, the origin of Donghua heaven and earth.
This is a transaction between each other.
There are also some conditions put forward by some powerful lords of heaven, or ancient orthodox traditions, which are nothing more than negotiations.
If he doesn’t want to, he can refuse at any time.
Now that he alone controls a region, he already has the confidence to reject these ancient traditions.
At this time, Qi Shi also said.
“Your Majesty, Patriarch King Yu also came here some time ago. The Three Emperors and Five Elders Association and the Heavenly Court are waiting for our reply!”
Hearing this, Si Lier looked at Zhang Jian with her eyes. She knew that Zhang Jian’s choice might affect the fate of the entire fairyland.
To be honest, as the leader of the second generation of the Zhang family, Zhang Zhao and she naturally tend to dominate the world alone.
But she also knows that Zhang currently does not have the ability to monopolize a heaven.
Zhang Jian thought for a moment, and he already knew the conditions offered by the Three Sovereigns and Five Elders Association and Tianting.
The conditions offered by both parties are extremely generous.
Heavenly Court is willing to give the twelfth emperor in the sequence, which is the real power of the emperor.
And he made a series of long lists, including some extremely precious divine objects of heaven and earth, and even part of the authority of other heavens to govern the heavens, and even the origin of the avenue.
However, what made Zhang Jian hesitate was that one of the requirements of Heavenly Court was that an inspection hall must be established in the Heavenly Realm of Immortal Court and part of the Heavenly Court’s garrison must be accepted.
In fact, this condition is considered normal.
When Donghua Heavenly Realm was promoted, after being canonized by Heavenly Court, it also accepted these conditions.
/But Chunyang Taoist Master is backed by the immortals of the Purple Mansion of Xuandu in the Kunlun Heaven Realm, and he is not afraid of the heavenly doves occupying the magpie’s nest.
But he is different.
Secondly, there are various conditions set by the Three Emperors and Five Elders Association.
The various conditions offered by the Three Emperors and Five Elders Association are also extremely generous.
It’s just that the Three Emperors and Five Elders Association