he was very knowledgeable.

The Thunder Dao Talisman is condensed by the Heavenly Lord of the Thunder Department based on the Thunder Dao rules. Obtaining it can avoid part of the thunder catastrophe in practice.
For example, the catastrophe of transformation, the catastrophe of dragon transformation, and the thousand-year thunder catastrophe of Shinto.
This thing is a treasure.
It is also very effective when used to assist in the practice of Thunder Dao.
Such a precious thing is obviously not something that a dragon with no background like Bai Nu can get his hands on.
“I just don’t know whether it was the hand of Dao Lord or the hand of Tongshan Taoism!”
The ancient immortal of Sheji secretly thought in his heart.
Above the sky, Bai Nu’s transformation speed is very fast.
The old dragon scales and horns fell off quickly, and the new dragon scales re-covered the slender hundred-foot-long dragon body.
Bai Nu’s body of a dragon that was originally like white jade glowed with wisps of faint blue light, while the dragon’s tail took on a dark black color like ink, like countless black wind threads swinging!
The true dragon’s body suddenly emerged, and countless wind and rain were intertwined in the depths of the sky, and thunder and lightning roared.
Vast divine energy springs from it.
The wind follows the tiger, and the clouds follow the dragon.
The body of a true dragon has just been formed, but the power it contains is like a vast ocean, and it is born to control wind, thunder, rain and lightning.
This kind of power is still higher than that of Chunyang level Yuanshen Daoist.
I’m afraid that his combat power is comparable to that of the Great Master Yuanshen.
In the water mansion, Zhang Jian took a look and said: “It seems that this is the body of the Xuan Ming True Dragon!”
Bai Liying’s wonderful eyes were filled with joy, and she nodded gently when she heard the words.
“Your Majesty, this is the Dragon Clan’s alien Xuanming True Dragon. The Xuanming True Dragon is also an extremely powerful true dragon among the many true dragons in our Dragon Clan!”
/Zhang Jian couldn’t help but laugh and said: “It seems that our Daxia court will have another true immortal seed!”
The true dragon is originally the king of mythical beasts.
It is not an exaggeration to call the birth of a true immortal seed.
But deep in the sky, Bai Nu didn’t give up after surviving the catastrophe of dragon transformation. After adjusting his breath slightly, he transformed into a human form and landed on the ground. The dragon soul left the body and flew directly to the virtual realm, preparing to survive the catastrophe of life and death in one breath.
Using the body of a true dragon to attack the fifth calamity of Yin Shen is almost a sure thing.
Everyone watched quietly.
Bai Nu didn’t keep everyone waiting for long.
But only about half an hour later, countless auspicious clouds and auspicious energy emerged from the depths of the sky. Along with the sound of the sky, a ray of purple light fell into Bai Nu’s body in an inst