The White Water Dragon Lord has abundant incense, and the huge White Water Dragon Palace has evolved with the input of the incense divine power. The main palace, bedrooms, side halls, including the water eye in the White Water God’s Temple, and the merit pool have all been projected.
Blessed by divine power, the entire temple is not only extremely gorgeous, but also embodies a strong solemn and holy atmosphere.
In the Dragon Palace, the two parties, the guest and the host, were seated.
Lord Bai Shuilong did not mention the competition immediately. Instead, he talked about interesting stories and gossip about the water veins, and then talked about the inheritance of the Tongshan lineage.
As Bai Nu spoke, he was also happy for Zhang Jian to join the Tongshan lineage.
Seeing that Bai Nu could hardly bear it any longer, Zhang Jian made up his mind and took the lead in bringing the topic to the fight.
He said:
“Uncle Bai, since the four princesses don’t mind about the competition, my nephew certainly doesn’t mind!”
“However, if the other party sends a big demon of the Golden Core level, I’m afraid I won’t be able to help!”
Zhang Jian made no secret of his fear of the Jindan monks.
/Ever since he witnessed the action of Patriarch Dongming in the Shuangfeng Mountains, Zhang Jian understood the horror of the Golden Pill monks. No matter it was magic power, supernatural powers or magic weapons, they could not be matched by the fortune-telling and foundation-building monks.
Although he still held two amulets in his hands, he did not want to use them in such a fearless fight.
Seeing Zhang Jian take the initiative to mention this matter, Bai Nu was greatly relieved, and the smile on his face became more cordial, and he smiled.
“Don’t worry, my nephew, there won’t be a golden elixir-level monster this time. The golden elixir is not easy to condense, and I have also inquired about it. Although the old witch has many children, the strongest ones are the two in Fengyang County. He is the Dragon King of the Water Well, and he was crushed to death by me. Most of the other snake species are mediocre people, and the few who are extremely talented are only measuring life and building foundations, so they are not difficult to deal with!”
Bai’s angry eyes revealed that if he wasn’t sure, he wouldn’t accept this bet.
“But there are exceptions to everything, and my nephew needs to be careful!”
Yilong and Yilong are now regarded as uncle and nephew, and their relationship has obviously improved to a new level!
After a slight pause, he added: “I will also think of ways during this period, and I may be able to increase my nephew’s chances of winning by 10%!”
He obviously had other thoughts on his mind.
After discussing some of the details, Zhang Jian decided to stay in the White Water Dragon Palace to further refine his techniques.
The competition time is half a month later, Zhang Jian still has time.
It is definitely not enough to cast the natal magic weapon.
However, it is still possible to work hard on a few spells.