er and Zhaoer are getting older, and some rules need to be established to prevent anyone from affecting their growth!”

Zhang Jian thought to himself.
Next to him, Qi Yuhua suddenly spoke.
“Husband, Brother Lu will be returning to Beijing in a few days. My father wrote a letter some time ago, asking me to help him find a marriage?”
Zhang Jian smiled when he heard this.
“You can make the decision on this matter!”
Zhang Lu was sent out by him two years ago and entered the border army through the Qi family to gain experience. In the past two years, Zhang Lu sent back several letters one after another, and he obviously gained a lot.
Relying on the skills he learned from his side, he was highly appreciated by his superiors. Some time ago, he killed the enemy’s deputy general and accumulated merits. During this time, he will return to Beijing and transfer his official position.
With the promotion of official position and Qi Yuhua’s operation, it is not difficult to marry a noble lady.
At this moment, he saw two clay monkeys circling around the jujube tree. Zhang Jian stepped forward and waved out two magic powers, which fell on the two people and helped them wash away the moisture on their bodies.
At this time, Zhang Yi raised his head, looked at the tall jujube tree above his head, and shouted to Zhang Jian.
“Daddy, I want jujube”
Zhang Jian smiled softly and stretched out a hand. The branches on the jujube tree swayed slightly and a dozen red dates fell down.
Zhang Zhao was delighted to see him and rushed to catch him, but Qi Yuhua bent down and picked him up.
The red dates are still too big for a two-year-old child, but Zhang Yi is half-demon, so there is no need to worry.
The warm years are always short.
The past two years in Daqian have not been uneventful.
The locust plague in the north has been continuing, covering seven or eight major counties. Food production has been reduced, leaving refugees homeless, and refugee uprisings have occurred one after another.
Since the Dong Shen Temple lost two elders from the Yin Shen realm, they no longer dare to easily send people into the northern territory to investigate.
This situation caused the northern counties to begin to rot.
Counter-insurgency forces were sent in wave after wave, but with little success.
On the contrary, many soldiers and generals were lost.
Inside Jingtai Hall
The young Emperor Jingwu had a gloomy face. Not long ago, the Northern Governor reported that rebels had appeared in several counties in Lingwu County. Evil people from the Zoroastrian Cult were present in them, which was very difficult to deal with. He asked the court to send Dong Shenguan Taoists came to suppress it.
The newly promoted old General Yang, the Marquis of Tongcheng, also felt the pressure.
/“National Master, you must give me an explanation this time. If the troubles in this northern land continue, I am afraid that the foundation of the imperial court will be shaken, and the treasury in the national treasury will not be able to support it for long!”
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