life and death, he will often be unable to achieve anything after practicing for a lifetime, because as Qingfengzi wanted to say but failed to say “Fighters compete for power.”

“Tsk, tsk, can such a monk be called a sword cultivator? The Five Mountains Sword Sect, with the exception of Huashan in Xiyue, which started with danger and practiced swordsmanship with life, and Songshan in Zhongyue, which practices the Legalist military way and uses the military way of killing. The rest. Several sword sects have gradually declined in the hundreds of years of recuperation. Beiyue Hengshan Buddhism, Nanyue Hengshan Yinyun, Dongyue Taishan arithmetic, hehe, although it is good to have a part-time job, you must not forget the characteristics of your own job. The goal is to catch the end.” Even though he was flying at full speed and could have arrived long ago, Zhu Peng did not hurry up and hurry up, but flew leisurely while watching the various information reflected in the spiritual mirror.
After surviving various catastrophes, the great plane of immortality has truly arrived. If Blood Soul Ridge wants to quickly transform into a powerful cultivating clan, it will not work if it only develops slowly on its own. A complete cultivation system needs to be streamlined and debugged. , it will take hundreds of years for a few to be established, and it cannot be sustained by one or two so-called geniuses. Zhu Peng cannot afford to wait, and Blood Soul Ridge cannot afford to wait either.
What’s more, Blood Ridge, as a powerful force on the Earth Star, will inevitably conflict with the local forces that possess a large amount of resources after the arrival of the Immortal Dao Great Plane. The conflict between the Blood Soul Ridge and the Taishan Sword Sect advance team , is the epitome.
It is true that Blood Soul Ridge has become more and more prosperous under the leadership of Zhu Peng for more than ten years, but if it really wants to compete with those powerful sects in the great plane of immortality, it will be impossible for them to fight even if they are scumbags.
/Because of all the above, Zhu Peng must find a suitable match among the major sects of the Immortal Dao that has arrived, and integrate the Blood Soul Ridge into the Immortal Dao plane, in order to minimize the risks caused by his status as an “earth star native”. All kinds of impacts come.
However, people generally don’t really care about things that are delivered to their door. Just like pursuing a girlfriend, the treasure is the one who has worked hard to get it. Most men will look down upon something that is delivered to their door.
In the same way, if Zhu Peng wants to lead the blood and join a powerful force, he must not take the initiative to ask for help. He will be underestimated by others. On the contrary, if he wants to fight, he must first fight to make the advance teams of each sect move forward. It’s difficult and they are restrained at every turn. After they have a general understanding of whose home ground the Earth Star is, they then put it on t