hand, and a hoarse voice emerged for a moment.

“Since they can gather the strength of three people to attack one person first, we can also do the same. We can concentrate our strength to kill the Martial Ancestor first. First, kill one arm of the Three Emperors Holy Court, and then kill the other two, and then the Earth Emperor. Naturally, it’s a turtle in a urn!”
Chapter 847 The foundation is finally revealed
“But we need someone to entangle the Earth Emperor and Taoist Chaoyuan!”
Behind Ancestor Kunpeng, a majestic figure surrounded by intense black-red flames looked at Master Black Pond.
He is the poisonous dragon ancestor.
The Ancient Poison Dragon is an innate race that was born deep in the Sun Star.
In fact, they have little to do with the dragon clan.
The ancient poisonous dragon clan has always been the guardian of the Sun Palace.
/They are not protecting the Sun Star Lords of the past dynasties, but the two demon overlords of the Emperor Jun and the Taiyi clan.
The Poison Dragon Ancestor is the most talented member of the ancient Poison Dragon clan.
Just being able to stand here is not because of how strong his cultivation is, but more because he represents the Donghuang Taiyi clan!
He himself is only a third-level Taoist.
Before Master Blackpool could speak, one of them, a burly figure with a gloomy face and wearing a black and gold robe, said calmly.
“Of course these two people will be handed over to you, the Eastern Emperor Divine Court! After all, this is the territory of the Eastern Emperor Divine Court, and you, the Eastern Emperor Divine Court, should always put in some effort!”
Ancestor Kunpeng’s face changed slightly.
Letting them deal with the Emperor of Earth would be a recipe for disaster.
They had already seen the methods of the Earth Emperor God just now.
Compared with the battle of Sun Star, its original personality is obviously more powerful.
He had a hard time dealing with it before.
Now I’m afraid it will be even more difficult.
He himself had no intention of dying for the Taiyi clan, let alone going to stop the Earth Emperor and God without any benefit.
Ancestor Kunpeng said calmly at this time.
“This place is indeed the territory of the Eastern Emperor Divine Court. We are the hosts, but being the host does not mean that we can have one more innate treasure!”
“In my opinion, this matter was initiated by fellow Taoist Samsara. It would be better to leave such an important task to fellow Taoist Samsara!”
There was something strange in his eyes, and he smiled without waiting for the Reincarnation Sect Ancestor to refute.
“If Fellow Daoist Samsara has the ability to stop the other party, I suggest that if it happens, Fellow Daoist Samsara can be allowed to choose a treasure first!”
After a slight pause, his eyes fell on Master Blackpool again and he smiled.
/“If fellow Taoist Heichi has this idea, I will not object to it either!”
Ancestor Kunpeng didn’t have much hope at all regarding the innate treasure.
He only hoped that these people could severely damage the