one of the advantages of ghost magic is that it is extremely secretive and can kill people unawares. But in terms of true breadth and profoundness, it is far from being comparable to Taoism, Demonism, Buddhism, Confucianism and other great ways of cultivation. Many practitioners only became ghosts after they had no hope of becoming immortals. They may want to improve their skills through this method. , increase combat power, or want to increase the length of one’s own existence through this method of yin and yang conversion.

All in all, it is the path chosen by a group of losers in the immortal way. Unless their qualifications are really special, there are actually very few monks who actively choose the ghost way to practice. Under such background, everyone can imagine that the ghost way practice is not only mysterious. There aren’t many advantages anymore.
But Zhu Pengke has no taboos in this regard at all. He knows that the more upright and upright he is, the less taboos others will have against him. After all, he is an outsider who attracts attention. If he does not make some achievements, he will be regarded as a famous person. , No matter how the monks around him greeted him with smiles, they would always have deep wariness hidden in their hearts.
/Chapter 481: Kill vertically and horizontally, with such great swordsmanship
It just so happens that Zhu Peng’s “Zero and Horizontal Killing Sword” is his latest sword technique. If anyone can recognize his identity by using this sword technique, then Zhu Peng will have nothing to say, and Vajra Master takes it The “Diamond Sword” used to conceal Zhu Peng’s identity was too hard, so Zhu Peng took advantage of the large and heavily defended puppets around him to try his hand at finding a suitable sword.
With his eyes slightly closed, Zhu Peng walked alone in this chaotic battlefield with his sword in hand. His steps were very heavy, and each step would form a clear footprint on the ground. The reaction force of each step was amazing, which naturally meant The force behind his forward thrust was very strong, but in fact Zhu Peng’s speed on the battlefield was not very fast. The fastest was actually only the moment he slashed out with his sword. “Choke, boom” “Choke, boom” “Choke, boom”
The entire battlefield was gradually filled with this monotonous and rhythmic sound, because Zhu Peng moved around with his sword unhappily. Every time he got close to a puppet, every time he struck with his sword, a fully-armed mechanical fire giant would be split in two by the sword. However, these clumsy fire giants often don’t even have the ability to fight back.
The bright golden color and extremely hard texture of the diamond sword seemed to have a different ferocity in Zhu Peng’s hands that was different from Buddhist utensils. The entire sword gradually “came to life” as Zhu Peng’s sword was slashed, like a head. Like a lion cub that tasted blood for the first time, it was grinding its teeth and sucking the bones. The beast’s pupils gradually turned red. This made Lord Vajra