nt of him, his face became much more solemn, and he said softly at the same time.

“Xueshi Zhang, your residence is arranged on the Observation Terrace, which has always been the residence of the Master. The Master likes to study Taoism here very much. This terrace has other mysteries. Rumor has it that it is the place where great powers from ancient times came to enlightenment. It contains the divine power of ancient powerful beings and possesses many mysteries. Academician Zhang is a great sage in this world, so I think he will gain something in the future!”
Zhang Jian’s expression didn’t move when he heard this, and He Ying said again.
“In addition, Master is worried that you, bachelor, are not used to living here, so we have specifically ordered that part of the sutra tower on the Observation Tower can be opened to you!”
Hearing this, Zhang Jian sighed: “The Imperial Master is a true gentleman!”
/There was a smile on He Ying’s beautiful face, he raised his head and said.
“My master is naturally a sincere gentleman!”
She seemed to have great admiration for Taoist Jingming.
Zhang Jian had to admit this. So many benefits were given away for free. Even if it was him who contributed, it would still be too much.
However, Zhang Jian will reserve these words for now.
What kind of person Jingming Taoist is cannot be determined by just a few contacts.
Immediately, He Ying pointed to the viewing square road in front of the viewing platform.
“Although Guantiantai is usually the place of practice for two generations of temple masters, there are often disciples of Dongshen Temple around. Elders are practicing nearby, or studying the Dharma. Sir, if you see it, you don’t need to pay attention!”
At this time, there is another futon in the square. At this time, there are many Dongshen Temple disciples on the futon, focusing their eyes on the observation platform, as if they are meditating.
“But there is one place where the bachelor needs to be extra careful!”
He Ying took Zhang Jian to the center of the Tiantian Terrace, and he noticed that there was another strange altar on the Tiantian Terrace.
There is also a small and exquisite pagoda on the altar.
“Demon Suppression Tower!”
The Zhang family saw several ancient runes manifested on this exquisite stone tower.
In this small tower, Zhang Jian seemed to see boundless demonic energy lingering inside.
This is obviously a space-type magic weapon with many demons imprisoned inside.
However, what Zhang Jian didn’t understand was why the leader of the Dongshen Cult was so unnecessary and couldn’t just destroy these monsters directly. It would be too troublesome to imprison them.
He Ying looked at the small tower and said to Zhang Jian.
“This is the place. The demons imprisoned in this demon-suppressing tower are some demons who have made serious mistakes, but have not reached the most terrible situation. The ancestor is compassionate and is not willing to kill them all, but gives them a glimmer of hope. Let them meditate on their mistakes in the Demon Suppression T