on’t underestimate the hundred meters. The gravity of the plains is terrifying. Even Lu Bei’s strong body feels that there is a mountain on each shoulder, making it extremely difficult to move. He goes all out and strikes Ji Han with a punch, and it’s just a rounding blow. Fly a hundred meters.

Not to mention, Ji Han flew out upside down, and when he landed, he took out a bone shield and floated away like water. Han Miaojun danced with the fingers of his hands, firing out several streaks of five-color brilliance.
The magical power was restricted by this place, and its power was greatly reduced. The five-color brilliance flew out for a moment, then swirled and fell into the mud, with only one touch of the black copper umbrella.
The darkness twisted, swallowing up the colorful brilliance in an instant.
Zhu Yintian fluttered his figure and came to Han Miaojun’s side. The sword light swept across the darkness, and the sword light bloomed with a white halo. He knocked back the palace master with three strikes, five divided by two.
/Han Miaojun stepped back and silently recited the magic formula. After a moment, he stretched his wings behind him, and five-color brilliance fell down, and he fluttered his wings to stir up a violent hurricane.
The wind came very suddenly. Lu Beizheng and Zhu Yintian were fighting fiercely, and they were shaken by the strong wind. They secretly said that women are not good at silver. Everyone else was weakened by the copy, but her ability was as usual, and she was really hiding her weakness.
The strong wind rolled, and the thick fog slowly pushed away into the distance. The cloudy sky continued to retreat, and the umbrella light bloomed into darkness before it could stop.
Han Miaojun looked out into the distance and saw four holy snow-like immortal grasses. He was pleasantly surprised but also showed a hint of disappointment.
Just as Ji Han said, the Immortality Grass is not yet mature, and the residual evil aura is strong, so it is useless to take it at this time.
Since she can’t use it, she can’t take advantage of others.
“How dare you, lowly maid!”
Zhu Yintian was furious, and the bronze umbrella filled the dark field, falling into several space portals, exerting a gravity imbalance, and gathering the longevity grass into the mist again.
The gravity of the whole body was re-adjusted. Lu Bei’s feet felt light. It was difficult to adapt to it for a while. He jumped a hundred meters away. Just as he regained his footing, the majestic gravity pressed him down and he fell onto the street.
The skateboard was close to the ground, blocking the mud from touching my body. My bones and muscles were all screaming, and it took a lot of effort to get up.
The four basic attributes, speed, strength, and spirit, all exceeded 100,000, and the spirit reached 150,000, far exceeding the ordinary monks in the tribulation stage, but the endurance was less than 30,000, which was only in the middle of the tribulation stage.
After several tossing back and forth, his arm muscles ach