control some void spells to a small extent in a single thought, or small spells such as void barrier, void maze, void escape spell, etc.

Under this trunk, it seemed that as long as he delved deeper, he would be able to tap out more potential, and even turn these branches into the trunk.
“It’s so mysterious!”
Zhang Jian was deeply impressed by the mystery of space magic.
At the same time, he felt that he had comprehended part of the mystery of space laws, and part of his escape techniques seemed to be suddenly understood.
For example, the Golden Crow Escape Technique will definitely increase in speed at this time, and can even directly penetrate the void to escape.
“One Dharma is applicable to all Dharmas!”
It’s like suddenly mastering a useful problem-solving formula. Applying this formula and this problem-solving idea can solve more problems.
At this time, he was in a great mood as he looked around the blessed land space!
Having mastered the Yin God-level magic “Huang Ting Blessed Land Dharma”, Zhang Jian has successfully completed the practice of the six true meanings in the Mountains and Rivers Sheji Diagram.
Sheji, stars, yin and yang, five elements, virtuality and reality, universe.
Each true meaning is mysterious and harmonious.
Next, Zhang Jian is not prepared to continue to deeply understand the true meaning of other avenues.
Instead, he first breaks through the fourth calamity of Yin God to obtain the true meaning of the Tao, and truly integrates the Yang God’s imprint that he has condensed with the mountains, rivers, and the country.
Integrating the true meaning of the Six Paths into the Mountains and Rivers Society Map is enough to completely solidify the foundation of the Mountains and Rivers Society Map!
This step is to thoroughly select the fundamental method.
Within the Cave God Temple.
The national master, Taoist Jingming, was busy in the entire teaching building, constantly looking for ways to suppress the backlash of luck.
However, he searched the entire Fa Chuan Building and reviewed many classics collected in Dongshen Temple, but he could not find any specific examples.
There are many ways to eliminate simple luck backlash, but there is no precedent for eliminating dragon vein backlash.
However, Taoist Jingming, after searching and researching, worked out some special methods with several knowledgeable elders. For this reason, he was going to seek confirmation from the ancestor of the Dongshen Sect.
/He walked to the forbidden area of ??Dong Shen Temple and used the Dong Shen’s magical method to inject a magic power into the Dong Shen’s seal he wore.
However, he saw the seals of the Cave God flying around him immediately. After a moment, it seemed that he had communicated with a magnificent spiritual consciousness in the dark, and a shadowy shadow of an old Taoist wearing a purple robe, a ruddy face, and a purple crown appeared with a smile. Mid-air.
“My dear disciple, why do you need to contact me, Master?”
Seeing this figure, Taoist Jingming looked solemn and said immediat