ncess Xi saw Hu San and learned that the vixen who brought disaster to the country and the people was actually a man. She immediately changed her target in excitement and forgot the purpose of her trip to Ningzhou.

At the negotiation venue, Hu San threw down his crutches and pointed at the blood-stained gauze on his head. As soon as he opened his mouth, Princess Xi took the initiative to step in. She bravely shouldered the responsibility and paid Yiyi Dian Dian for the decoction and medicine.
If he is too righteous, Lu Bei will not be able to deal with it. If the Xiwang Mansion does not lower the price, how can he raise the price? Without this process, how can he please his elder brother and increase his satisfaction points?
Hu San roughly understood something. This look was familiar to him. He had seen it too many times.
He secretly gave me a wink and said, as long as the price is right, I guarantee that the other party will come back happily at midnight tonight.
The subsequent negotiations were simple. Before Lu Bei could exert any force, the Xiwangfu gave up all resistance under the surrender of Princess Xi and allowed Fox Sanqi to come in and out. Yutao became a bystander and did not even have a chance to open his mouth. No.
The negotiations, which were originally planned to take at least ten days, were completed in less than half an hour. Both the plaintiff and the defendant expressed satisfaction.
At the third watch, Hu San fulfilled his promise and personally sent the Western King Zhu Qike to his door, so that the princess could return happily.
Princess West:
Lu Bei:
“Brother, are you just perfunctory like this?”
Princess Xi spent a lot of money just to have fun with the beauty and enjoy herself at the same time. Hu San took the money but didn’t do anything. Even Lu Bei couldn’t stand it anymore.
“What does it mean to be perfunctory? When she saw the King of the West returning safely, Her Royal Highness the Princess smiled as brightly as a flower, and she obviously cried with joy.”
/“That’s because you’re angry!”
“Then it’s none of my business.”
/Hu San curled his lips, frowned and reminded: “Princess Xi, this woman, is quite accomplished in the practice of charming, and she hides it very deeply. Most people can’t see it, but she should never use it on me.”
Lu Bei nodded and showed off in front of the vixen. He was still a vixen with nine tails. This was called doing the splits with his bare buttocks and hitting the stone with an egg.
“Brother Xian, there is something wrong with this woman. If one day she seduce you, remember to stay away from her and don’t fall into her trap.” Hu San reminded solemnly.
“Brother means”
“Xianzhou is too close to Luzhou, and the West Prince’s Mansion has an inexplicable relationship with the Tianjian Sect. The Princess of the West is from the Tianjian Sect. Although she is an outer disciple, there is something fishy about her. I suspect that the King of the West has already accepted her. It’s hard to say who is in charge of the West Prince’s Mansion because of