Shura Demon Sect all had grim faces. Only the Shura Demon Sect had always sought out others’ misfortune, and no one had ever killed the main altar of the Dao Demon Sect.

“The madman Shuzi dares to destroy the gate of our Demon Sect and bring about his own destruction!”
At the head are four figures with astonishing demonic aura around them.
Or it may be the body of a flying yaksha with three heads and six faces.
Or the whole body is filled with ghostly aura, and the ghostly aura behind him is overwhelming, and the body turns into a powerful shaman god who controls the laws of heaven and earth, or he is a ghost god in the netherworld.
The most powerful one is a terrifying demon god with countless blood rivers lingering around his body and a red lotus seal deep between his eyebrows. The energy in his body has reached the realm of the True Lord of Yuanshen.
The Demon-Slaying Lord next to him saw this and said.
“Ayu, these are the four great demon king elders of Shura Demon Sect, and they are also famous old demons in the two realms!”
Zhang Jian waved his hand and smiled.
“Master, people who are about to die don’t need to mention their lives!”
Deep in the void, upon hearing this, the four demon sect elders were furious. Their hearts exploded with anger. Demonic energy surged around their bodies. The four demon gods’ spell marks appeared around their bodies. However, in the blink of an eye, their faces were changed. As soon as he changed, he felt a terrifying coercion flow around him.
But in midair, Zhang Jian slightly raised his hand and pressed it down with one finger. It was like countless voids, and the power of time gathered between his fingers.
Two second-level immortal arts converged.
Huang Ting Blessed Land Dafa.
Nine turns of the wheel of wishful thinking.
The power of time and space was like a sharp cone, sweeping across the depths of the void from his fingertips, covering the four rays of magic light that rushed out.
The four demonic lights were hit in an instant, and the four demonic shadows were completely unable to withstand the sharp time and space formed by the second-level immortal magic. In an instant, the body turned into countless bloody fragments and collapsed.
Four famous elders of the Demon Sect were crushed to death in an instant.
There is no way to fight back.
This scene immediately caused the expressions of the many Shura Demon Sect disciples who rushed out from behind to change, and they subconsciously wanted to return.
Deep in the void, Zhang Jian smiled slightly when he saw this scene. He just raised his hand slightly to control this combination type of second-level immortal spell. The demonic shadows that rushed out were completely unable to control their own figures. He condensed them into shapes. The vortex of time and space was swallowed up and turned into powder.
/Demon-Slaying True Monarch couldn’t help but change his appearance as he looked at this terrifying scene.
/Zhang Jian’s understanding of the laws of heaven and earth really reached a point where s