ning resources everywhere, Wu Zhou couldn’t live without Huang Ji Zong.

Take the three western states as an example.
The Tianjian Sect started a war, drove away the Huangji Sect, who had always been a stoic, and advanced its troops to the front line. There are no Huangji Sect disciples to run around on missions, and Tianjian Sect has no one to manage it. The hidden demons and demons are waiting for the opportunity and come out to look for food.
In such a situation, only the people at the bottom will suffer. It would be damned if the reputation of Tianjian Sect could be good.
Now, it’s not as good as Huangji Sect!
After thinking about it, Lu Bei was shocked to find that among all his vests, apart from the Yuhua Sect, which had zero reputation, the one with the best reputation was actually the Lingxiao Sword Sect led by Lin Buyan, a hypocrite.
Because this guy often lets his disciples do good things outside without conscience.
“TMD, why did Wu Zhou become like this!”
As a mortal, it was impossible to expect the old man to report the true identity and hiding place of the demon. Lu Bei did not force it. He left the village with golden light and visited several nearby villages.
The situation is similar. The well water in the village is poisonous, and a demon has recently kidnapped the young man. He sent people to the county to report to the officials, but they never came back and there was no news.
Fortunately, although the demon is alert, its counter-reconnaissance methods are not very clever. The lair radiates to the surrounding areas, and the king of the enclosure raises the villagers in the surrounding villages as livestock. After a little calculation, Lu Bei determined the general location.
The ancient temple on the barren mountain, the dilapidated temple is hidden in the phantom formation.
/Within the array, poisonous insects of all kinds were everywhere, and the rustling sounds made people’s scalp numb.
The mucus secreted by the poisonous insects wraps up the ruins layer by layer, turning it into a breeding ground suitable for the poisonous insects to breed and breed. The humans who were kidnapped here were hollowed out into nests, with no flesh and blood left, only skin covering the withered bones.
In the insect nest, a green-faced Taoist sat cross-legged, spitting flaming red beads from his mouth. His robes fluttered, and from time to time, a few poisonous insects crawled out of the wide sleeves of his robes.
Suddenly, a black light broke through the illusory formation, and the shining flying knife was fixed in front of the green-faced Taoist.
The coldness overflowed, freezing the surrounding poisonous insects, causing countless black mist particles to surge into the air.
/The green-faced Taoist opened his eyes and looked at the skate in front of him. A ruthless look flashed in his eyes. He jumped up, recalled the poisonous insects that had spread in the air, and shouted: “Feimang, why are you disturbing my practice?”
“Wu Laoxie, it’s not that I disturbed your practice, but that you repeatedly dis