ist’, and said ferociously: “That little pretty boy has good luck. He took away your opportunity, and so did the Bodhi tree in the poor Taoist phase. into his hands.”

“Monks in this world don’t know whether to live or die, so they deserve this calamity!”
The fourth waste was secretly angry and changed his words: “Junior brother Zhunti, our strength has been greatly reduced. We are almost the same as that immortal. We should have someone to take care of us when we go together.”
This move was exactly what he wanted, and Zhunti readily agreed.
When entering the secret realm, Shi Wuchang was randomly teleported away and did not follow Lu Bei, missing a lot of information.
For example, the opportunity of “Bodhi Dharma, just in a dream”.
Gu Zongchen exchanged things for things, and exchanged the ancient Bodhi tree for the broken Buddha statue. Regardless of whether he succeeded or not, he was destined to return without success.
Zhunti knew this but didn’t say it. Brothers are brothers, and their future is their future. The two things cannot be confused.
Besides, if he doesn’t take back the ancient Bodhi tree and leave the secret realm, how can he find a way back to the Demon Realm?
If he doesn’t increase his own strength, how can he compete with the Three Corpses Heart Master, how can he keep up with his colleagues in the Heavenly Demon Palace who are changing with each passing day, and how can he support his little brother, the Fourth Wasted?
Therefore, although he was full of lies and did not mean what he said, in fact, the good thoughts in his demonic nature were shining, and he reluctantly told lies in order to help his brother in the future.
“Wait a minute, Fourth Waste, did you just call me junior brother?”
Makes sense.
“Speaking of the Heavenly Demon Palace, I just met that bastard San Zhi. She said that she has fallen in love with a human body, and asked me to give you a message. If you dare to cause trouble, I will eat you and me alive.” Xin Zunhen said.
“Did she really say that?” Zhunti frowned.
“Hmph, I can still lie to you!”
I can lie to you, why can’t you lie to me?
In addition to her own powerful strength, Sanzhixinzun also has magical powers that make the demons fearful. Her demonic thoughts are terrifying enough to influence and control the demons from outside the realm. She is the best demon among the demons.
Because of this magical power, the demon lords of the past generations have attached great importance to the Three Corpses Heart Master. Every time a demon lord came to power, he would deprive the original Three Corpse Heart Master of his true name and hand it over to his confidants.
And every Three Corpses Heart Master has the power to monitor the demons outside the territory, and is a high-ranking and powerful person in the realm of demons.
/The two demons discussed it and decided to endure it for the time being.
Thinking on the bright side, they are fully capable of killing the Three Corpses.
/Because the Three Corpses Heart Lord is too strong, it is not clear who the c