on Emperor to abdicate and civil strife breaks out among the eight kings fighting for the new Demon Emperor, and then sell him for a price so that he could choose a new eldest brother with outstanding strength.

What, replacing a royal family and supplanting the Peacock family?
He thought, but there are only two peacocks in the Ten Thousand Monster Kingdom. At best, they are the peacock clan, but at worst, they are the peacock father and son.
Coming out is about power, and the greatest achievement Kong Ji can achieve is to control one of the eight kings, launch the puppet demon emperor, and become the master behind the scenes of the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom.
/This is his ultimate ambition. Before that, he will not stand in front of the stage and stir up changes in the situation.
“Who is it?”
He galloped all the way and jumped directly over the team of messengers from the Gu Diao Clan.
Kong Ji knew in his heart that he was the one who took the blame. No matter who the demon king pretending to be was, all the emperors and eight kings thought it was the Peacock Demon King who did it.
It’s not clear, the Xiangliu clan alone doesn’t agree.
The Gu Diao clan would not agree either.
For the current plan, he could only make mistakes and kill the fake peacock as quickly as possible. He took over Gaiyuan City, took over this huge reputation, stirred the muddy water into mud, accelerated the civil strife in the Ten Thousand Monster Kingdom, and brought it to an earlier date. arrival.
At that time, he will be on the market and looking for a new big brother. If he is lucky, although he cannot become the Demon King, he can become a powerful Demon Prime Minister.
After that
We’ll talk about the rest later, let’s wipe Gai Yuancheng’s butt clean first.
Once the centuries-old plan collapsed, Kong Ji became murderous and secretly swore that no matter who the mysterious person was, he would be killed.
Kong Ji felt bitter in his heart, hoping that his wife did not see that the mysterious man was a fake. This time would be over. He would keep the secret deep in his heart and never tell it.
The Gu Diao Clan’s envoys were in great fanfare and bustling along the way, but Kong Ji didn’t need to. With his speed, Gai Yuan City was right in front of him just as he was halfway through his random thoughts.
Kong Ji restrained his aura, pretended to be a harpy, and first inquired about the information in the city.
/It’s okay if I don’t ask, but once I ask, I feel like dying.
“Damn you bitch, you’re dead!”
Kong Ji’s eyes were red. He took several breaths before calming down. He stepped out and entered the Honghu Palace silently.
He was very familiar with Yan Xiu. He had been chased by Gui Dan before and hid in Tibet several times. He hid in Honghu Palace to save the day. He was familiar with the layout of the palace and reached the important area in the backyard in just a few steps.
According to intelligence, the Peacock Demon King haunts this place every night, and often leaves only after three o’clock in the morning.