the sound wave impact by a hundred times.

The violent impact swept across the entire field in an instant, pushing away the stars and shattering them into pieces. The momentum of the bombardment was like a sharp blade slashing through it, breaking Lin Jushui’s white-clothed figure at the waist. The remaining force was not going to stop, killing the Immortal Palace and leaving it all gone.
The phantom of the Heavenly Book once again projected the law, and the two powerful forces collided, annihilated and dissipated at the same time.
Lu Bei’s “Zhen” character was obviously used incorrectly. He stepped back from the brink and returned to Thunder’s embrace before it was too late.
But he doesn’t think so. He has a very tough mouth and believes in how bold the law is.
/The number of days covers infinity. How can the laws of heaven and earth be limited to the form of character expression? The final right of interpretation may belong to the law of heaven. The word “Ke Zhen” itself has the meaning of buzzing.
He was not wrong. Heaven must have thought so too, otherwise why would he be allowed to be one with heaven and man?
Thinking of this, Lu Bei clenched his fist with five fingers, gathered his strength, and suddenly bombarded the Demon Emperor Zhong Jinmu.
The sound is loud and the stars resonate and tremble.
The golden curtain floats with the illusive and hazy images of thousands of monsters, and a three-legged golden crow flutters out. The sun and its characters match each other, and the sun shines brightly, overwhelming all things.
The golden light penetrated the void and suppressed the Immortal Palace with a sweeping force. The high light and heat not only melted hundreds of millions of stars, but also destroyed the phantoms of the Book of Heaven.
Lin Jushui’s clothes were covered in blood, his delicate body was shaking, and his face turned pale for a moment.
Before she could fall, a big hand clasped her slender neck and slowly lifted her up.
“Beauty, I gave you a chance, but you failed!”
Lu Bei stepped forward with a sinister smile, and blew his head into Lin Jushui’s ear: “You said you would protect Gu’s safety and prevent sneak attacks by young people, but with your weak performance, Gu can only treat you as a vase. After all, you have no other value except to be played with.”
/Lin Jushui’s head was buzzing, his soul was hurt, and he couldn’t hear what Tai An was saying. But the disgusting face can’t lie. You don’t need to listen to know that the Demon King can’t speak human words.
Purple light bloomed in her eyes, and the yin and yang of the Shinto gathered together, wrapping herself and Lu Bei.
Yin and Yang are opposites and separated, and the two-colored swimming fish rotates, clear rises and turbidity falls, and the cycle goes back and forth.
After the soul stagnated for a moment, Lu Bei immediately noticed something was wrong. The divine way went straight to the source of yin and yang, touching the foundation of life and death, depriving him of his vitality and longevity, causing his vita