ing each other again. When the time comes, the two of them will criticize together, which will not be a good conversation.

“Hey, this book”
[When you came into contact with the fragments of the Heavenly Book, did you spend 30,000 skill points to learn it? ]
Another heavenly book
Could this be the opportunity Qinglong mentioned?
Lu Bei was speechless.
/King Yan Jiang Suxin is the tombkeeper Xuanwu, and his superior is Zhonggong Yinglong. The second and fifth son Qinglong receives the salary of the tombkeeper, and also holds the iron rice bowl of the Holy Land of Daxia, obeying the orders of Emperor Ji.
Therefore, the opportunity mentioned by Qinglong was not true. He was thrown to Zhaoqin and even named Tianzi Mountain, where Qin Tianjian’s home base was located. In all likelihood, he was asked to be the troublemaker.
Lu Bei was curious, why did Qinglong think he would side with the royal family?
Aren’t you afraid of making unnecessary moves, shooting yourself in the foot, and making the already disadvantaged royal family even worse?
No reason!
King Yan Jiang Suxin has great personal charm and his contribution to Zhaoqin is unparalleled. Even the Mahayana monks in the hostile camp respect him very much.
Moreover, he is not qualified to be a troublemaker.
Before he learned the ‘Unity of Man and Nature’, his strength was neither above nor below, and he had to go all out to make a face.
Without using the trump card of the Ten-Eyed Demon and a few mouthfuls of aged fresh milk, he would definitely not be a match for King Xin and Liu Shen, let alone King Yan, who was on top of Zhao Qin and had been invincible for thousands of years.
To be fair, Lu Bei thinks that his shit-stirring stick can only be used to make trouble with muddy people.
The resistance is too great.
Lu Bei weighed it for a moment. At that time, he was like Quhe and Mengyuan. He could change the situation but could not affect the overall situation. No matter which side you stand on, you are not qualified to step into the final battlefield, let alone determine the future of Zhao Qin.
Eliminating all wrong answers, I really wish there was only one.
/Qinglong asked him to come to Zhaoqin to kill him!
It is not difficult to guess the motive. The last time the two met in a friendly manner, his murderous aura made Qinglong unhappy. He believed that Beisheng was rebellious and had the appearance of a wolf and a mad man. If he was not eradicated as soon as possible, serious trouble would surely arise.
“It’s hateful to be so vicious!”
Lu Bei cursed angrily, being flat-minded and narrow-minded, and he would never let go of this matter with her.
Jiang Li came after hearing the sound, glanced at the wordless heavenly book in Lu Bei’s hand, frowned and said, “Why is Sect Master Lu so angry? Can you tell me something?”
“It’s okay. This sect master is talking about Jiang Suxin. He actually casts a secret method on a good Taoist book. No one except the blind man can understand it. You think it’s irritating or not.” Lu Bei said angrily.
Jiang Li’s eyel