ly words are ahead, just to do you a favor, don’t think about it, let alone go to her in the middle of the night tonight.

“I understand. Please stay at home at midnight tonight and I’ll go find you. Be careful and don’t be seen.”
“Bah, shameless!”
Zhu Xiushi spat softly, received Lu Bei’s promise, and left with peace of mind.
Before leaving, she asked where Hu Er was now, and Lu Bei made up an excuse to fool him.
Otherwise, tell Zhu Xiushi that he spent three months to promote Hu Er as the Queen Mother of Ten Thousand Monsters?
It’s too outrageous, no one believes it!
If Lu Beiren hadn’t been at the scene and done it himself, he wouldn’t have believed it himself.
Looking at Zhu Xiushi’s leaving figure, Lu Bei shook his head with a smile. Although he was a little bit greedy for the other person’s body, that was the love of beauty that everyone shared. In comparison, he was more willing to be with her. Zhu Xiushi is a friend.
It’s embarrassing to say that he cultivated immortality too quickly, and his circle of friends kept refreshing, and he only had a handful of friends with whom he could chat.
The scope was narrowed down to women, and Zhu Xiushi was probably the only one who could collude with him. Things were rare and precious, and he hoped that this friendship would not deteriorate.
Zhao Shiran probed his head.
/This couple is somewhat impure.
The next day, Lu Bei left the secret realm of Zang Qianshan and scolded the elders one by one when he was looking for trouble.
By the way, I would like to tell everyone that a new batch of resources have been added to the treasure house. The elders can deal with them as appropriate, but the time for retreat must be separated, lest there are no tigers and no monkeys in the mountains, and the entire Tianjian Sect is in chaos.
After that, Lu Bei went to the diplomatic residence again and wrote a letter personally, asking Xiao Baimao to deliver it to Emperor Xuanlong Zhao Fangce.
The second-generation sword master is very interested in the second-generation Demon Emperor. There will be a battle in the future. Xuanlong should take good rest and recuperate, and don’t miss this golden opportunity.
When he wrote the letter, Xiao Baimao was by his side, advising Lu Bei not to act out of emotion. Reputation is less important than life and death. It would be wise to settle down for a few years before competing with the second-generation Demon Emperor.
Lu Bei pinched Zhao Wuyou’s face and expressed his confidence that he was sure. Wherever he stood, the second-generation Demon Emperor did not dare to show his face.
Little Baimao didn’t believe it, and his worries turned into worries. Under Lu Bei’s order, he reluctantly gave a dance.
After leaving the diplomatic residence, Lu Bei stepped into the void and reached Xiongchu Xuantian Temple.
Feitian Dundi searched around, but found nothing. He couldn’t find the young monk Gu Zongchen, nor the old abbot Zhengqing, so he secretly said that it was bad luck.
In line with the principle of coming as he comes, he stuffed a c