rogantly: “King Yan is very good at whipping. Although he is not as powerful as this sect master, he is still very cute even though he is small.”

Kong Ci poked his head in confusion, Jiang Suxin just pretended not to understand, the whip flew into the air, turned into the size of Optimus Prime, and struck with a loud bang that made the dragon veins of Kunlun Mountain wail incessantly.
“What do you think, fellow Daoist Xing?”
“Good, good whipping.”
Xing Li had a straight face, but now that things had happened, he had to admit that he was the cutest one.
Three against three, both sides have advantages.
Jiang Suxin held the magic whip in her hand, pinched the seal to guide the common people with one hand, and gathered several laws to hit Kunlun Immortal head-on.
He was more willing to compete with the human sage, but Kong Ci was too fast, so he couldn’t compete with him, so he could only retreat and fight with the Kunlun Immortal.
Lu Xi faced the humane warrior master who was full of buffs. He felt that he was full of blood and energy, and felt countless murderous illusions lingering in front of him. He took a deep breath and controlled six magic weapons to bombard the human king indiscriminately. The tripod was broken into a broken pot.
General effect.
The magic weapon is a good magic weapon, but the compatibility with him is too poor. The Humanity Soldier only used the Human King Cauldron to block this offensive.
The humane warrior master used his bare hands and sacrificed his martial will to pursue Lu Xi and beat him up. The latter had a jewel to protect his body, so he was not injured at all, and he couldn’t save his face.
Gritting his teeth and stamping his feet, he turned around
In a fit of rage, he hit the Humane Soldier Master’s fist mark hard with his pretty face, causing two nosebleeds. When he flew out, he was completely stunned.
Lu Xi: ( ̄ii ̄)
/He didn’t know how far he had flown. After he stood up, his head was buzzing, and his lovely soul was greatly shocked. He felt that the world was spinning, and the person who bumped into him, Wang Ding, was so…
Hey, the Human King Cauldron?
A crisis flashed through his heart, and the strong desire to survive made Lu Xi lie down. He raised his head and shouted:
“Brother Bei, save me”
boom! ! !
The Human King Cauldron landed on the ground, only a finger’s away from Lu Xi, so close that he needed to cross his eyes to see clearly the lines on the cauldron.
From afar, a man came with a gourd in his hands and composed a poem.
“First there is Hongjun and then there is Tian. Lord Lu Ya is still in front.”
“I can travel to three mountains and five mountains”
“Everyone calls me a celestial being. I am full of emotions in my belly!”
The Taoist turned into a rainbow and landed on the ground. He stepped on the Human King Cauldron with his feet and smiled at the Humane Soldier Master who was facing a formidable enemy: “I am a poor Taoist, Lu Ya, you are polite.”
Nonsense, you are clearly Lu Bei, your face has not even changed.
“Oh, I