ort while, a group of little guys went berserk, and the whole manor was in a panic.

The old horse is leisurely basking in the sun, nǎinǎi, it’s time for the five little lunatics to play again, alas, it’s better to be young.
/Although the five little guys were having fun, they also knew that the old horse should not be messed with, so they tried to avoid it while playing.
In the center of Haojing, a three-story blue-tiled pavilion is surrounded by a bamboo forest. On the outside of the bamboo forest, every ten meters, stands a servant of the Wang family, wearing armor all over and carrying a long steel stick, looking extremely majestic. Now, here is the holy place in the eyes of the younger generation of the Wang family, the Wang Family Master Hall, also known as “Wang Xue” by outsiders.
Anyone who can study in the Wang Family Master Hall is an elite. In other words, even if you are a worm, after being trained by the Wang Family Master Hall, you will become a worm and become an outstanding elite.
At this time, there was a lot of discussion within Wang Xue, and the first topic was naturally the “Victory at Wangcheng”.
Outside, the changes in Wangcheng are just like that. Either the Wang family will benefit in the end, or the Mo family will take advantage, and the Yuan family behind the Mo family will naturally slowly eat away at Wangcheng. But in Wang Xue, it is An out-and-out victory for the Wang family, a great victory!
“Wang Rencai, it’s Wang Meng. The head of the family has given an order to call him this name from now on. Wang Meng, hey! He has made a contribution this time.”
Obviously the Wang family does not want the name Wang Rencai to continue to exist, it is too embarrassing.
“Oh, what a waste, my family has raised me for so many years, and I finally did something for the family. If I had known that the family had such a plan, I would have pretended to be a dandy two years ago, and then”
“Haha, two years earlier? Then you won’t be allowed to come to the Master Hall in the next two years?”
“Well, this is a bit of a sacrifice.”
“How do you think the head of the family will reward him?”
The Wang family must reward meritorious deeds, regardless of whether they are legitimate concubines, whether they are surnamed Wang or not, and even if they are minor dependents, all will be treated equally in terms of merit and reward. Without such spirit, how could the Wang family become the leading family in Haojing?
No matter how disgusted Wang Rencai was in the past, or how many confusing things happened, as long as he made meritorious service, he would definitely be rewarded.
Six hundred and forty-six alternative brothers
Six hundred and forty-six alternative brothers
No reward for merit, who else will be willing to work for the family in the future? If he dies due to meritorious service, then his son will be rewarded. If he has no children, his family will be rewarded. If he has no family, then a monument will be erected for him, a statue will be engraved, and he will be enshrined in the Wang Family Mar