how can you be so harsh? Look at the people you beat. Do you know what the crime of attacking a relative of the emperor is according to Wuzhou law?”

“They are just relatives of the emperor, who is not!”
“She enjoyed it very much and closed her eyes with a smile.”
“I’m a little hungry. Let the chef prepare ten dishes and make them quickly.”
“You go and come back quickly. If you are late, I will personally help my cousin bathe and change clothes.”
“Stop staring. As a friendly reminder, the bigger your eyes are, the more wrinkles they will grow.”
Housekeeper Yu was silent. She was usually sharp-tongued and could reduce the young talents who came to pay homage to nothing. Now facing Lu Bei, she was so eloquent that she couldn’t find the opportunity to open fire.
Two days later, Zhu Qilan, who had recovered from his injuries, looked extremely ugly. Not only Lu Bei, he also had a bad look on everyone, including Butler Yu.
“Cousin, I’ve been here for three days. If you have any missions, you should speak up!” Mingren didn’t say secret words. Lu Bei came to Zhu Qilan for no other reason. The latter had a high level and many missions, so he came to gain experience.
Before coming, he was quite confident about his ulterior motives. After coming, he became even more confident when he saw the battle in front of Changming Mansion.
As Zhu Yan said, no one named Zhu is good. Zhu Qilan only does three things every day, making money from licking dogs, making money from licking dogs, and making money from licking dogs.
In this case, he stopped pretending.
Zhu Qilan gave him a task and he completed it. One gained experience and upgraded, the other got a promotion and made a fortune. Everyone benefited.
In fact, besides rubbing shoulders with Zhu Qilan, Lu Bei had another plan.
The biggest difference between the Huangji Sect and the Iron Sword Alliance and Yunzhong Pavilion is that the other three forces belong to the private sector, while the Huangji Sect has an official background.
/Its authority covers the entire territory of Wuzhou, including the chief steward and stewards who are responsible for management, as well as independent violence agencies, which are responsible for hunting down and killing monks who violate laws and disciplines.
/From the sub-district office that mediates neighborhood disputes to the Ministry of Justice that handles disputes between private companies; from the tactical troops that specialize in counter-terrorism to the professional military services of the sea, land and air that fight against foreign forces, the Huangji Sect is involved in all aspects.
Sometimes he even pretends to be a mercenary, takes jobs from the Xuanyin Division, and goes to neighboring countries to subvert the regime.
At the sub-district office, Lu Bei had no connections, and with the badge of Xuanyin Si Qingwei, people would not treat him well.
On the tactical unit side, he had never known Zhu Qilan before. He was thick-skinned and barely related to him. He had cooperated friendly for a few times.