utine of building high walls and hoarding food during the blockade, thus becoming stronger and stronger.

Furthermore, this is the world of gods, with just a few levels, Xiqi will never starve to death.
The only purpose of the Five Passes and Qinglong Pass is to prevent Xiqi’s army from advancing eastward and to complete the central government’s absolute control over the local area without the influence of external factors.
This time, Lu Bei’s imperial commander personally led an army of 300,000, including Grand Master Wen Zhong, Wucheng King Huang Feihu and his family, as well as Yin Shang generals Chao Tian, ??Chao Lei, Fang Bi, Fang Xiang and others.
/Not only that, Lu Bei also brought the civil and military forces of the Manchu Dynasty out of Chaoge. Once the retreat is blocked, the food and grass are cut off, and the army is faced with the dilemma of being attacked from the front and the rear, the army will undoubtedly be defeated. He, King Zhou, will also be awarded the title of “Xiqi Overseas Student, Yin” He is known as the God of Business and War.
It can be jailed or imprisoned, cut off or abandoned!
Putting down the rebellion of Xiqi was Lu Bei’s last battle in this world, and it was the final battle between the two religions. He believed that Yuanshi Tianzun thought so too. After this battle, the final battle was sealed and the final battle came to an end.
Because Lu Bei had no intention of returning to Chaoge, he not only ordered all the civil and military officials of the court, but also brought out the queen and concubines.
This move not only lures Xiqi to fight, but also prevents Chanjiao from being a bad person and seizing hostages while he is leading the army.
There is no other way, even though Chanjiao claims to be a righteous Taoism, in fact, it uses low-level methods, holding up the banner of upholding justice for heaven, and does everything possible.
For example, the third-generation disciple Yang Jian, the Xiqi army was unable to defeat the Mianchi guard Zhang Kui, and he beheaded the Five Mountains including Huang Feihu. He tricked Zhang Kui into killing his mother with his own hands through the seventy-two changes, which was known as chaos. mind.
When Jiang Ziya learned about this, he praised Yang Jian for doing great things without sticking to trivial matters. If Zhang Kui was killed in this battle, it would be Yang Jian’s immortal contribution.
This was a despicable act and definitely not something a man would do. He was really relying on his destiny and had no shame at all.
Xiqi would play dirty tricks if he couldn’t beat her. Lu Bei felt deeply disdainful and guarded against thieves to the end, bringing all the beauties with him.
Marching, fighting, and having fun with beauties
This is very foolish!
The troops left the five passes and were deployed at Jinjiling. In order to show their determination to destroy Xiqi in one fell swoop, Lubei dispatched troops and generals, including Zhang Guifang, the general of Qinglong Pass, Zhang Kui and Gao Lanying, the generals of Mianchi,