htly, “I’ll be with you anytime.”

“Okay, I didn’t expect that the trip would be in vain. Forget it, I’ll go to the Dragon Tomb to take a look. You can do whatever you want.”
/With that said, Lin Jinghao stepped into the void on both sides of the Dragon Soul Gate, and disappeared in an instant.
The others looked at each other in confusion, not knowing whether to advance or retreat. Together, Bu Qingyun and others were really not afraid of Ming and Ling Fei, but after a confrontation for a while, it was obvious that this was not necessary.
“Brother Mingren, do you want to explore the Dragon Tomb?” Ling Fei said.
Akito shook his head slightly, “Since everything is fine, there is no point in staying in this gloomy place.”
Ling Fei nodded and took the lead in using the teleportation array, followed by Mingren who also used the teleportation array and left the Dragon Tomb. Bu Qingyun and others looked at each other. Even Ling Fei and Mingren did not visit the Dragon Tomb, and they had no idea. Lin Jinghao possesses the Jiuyao Blue Dragon Body and can take advantage of it in the Dragon Tomb. It is useless for other saints to be stronger than him.
This is probably another reason why Lin Jinghao doesn’t care much about the dragon soul.
Immediately afterwards, rays of light flashed, and everyone left the dragon’s lair.
When Mingren and others teleported outside the dragon’s lair, they were also shocked by the grand scene outside.
Nearly a thousand monks surrounded a few people in the middle. Bu Qingyun was stunned, and Yi Fan quickly stepped forward.
/“Why are you here, Sect Master?” The two of them saluted respectfully.
Among the four people in the center, an old man wearing a blue Taoist sect turned around. It was Lu Chenfeng, the leader of the Qingyun Sect and the top powerhouse of the Star Alliance, Feng Tianzun.
“Your uncle is dead.” Lu Chenfeng’s calmness was obviously filled with heaviness.
“Meet the leader.” Ling Fei stood quietly in front of a woman with a high bun. She looked like a very strict person.
“Ziwei has also gone, and the Dragon Clan has appeared.” Bai Yu, the leader of the Huaxian Sect, said.
There was also a middle-aged man at the scene, standing there as if trying to block the power of heaven and earth. He was wearing a purple-black domineering robe with a big magic word on it.
The only person with this kind of momentum is the number one demon cultivator, the leader of Wuhuan Demon Sect, Wuhuan Demon Lord Demon Ba.
“Mo Chen, everyone else is dead, but you are the only one alive. Isn’t it strange?”
Demon Ba said calmly, even when facing Dzogchen, the most difficult person to mess with like Mo Chen, he was still very domineering.
“I have a relationship with this dragon clan. It’s probably because of this reason that they let me go. But Demon Tyrant, even if you are here, you may not be his opponent.”
Mo Chen is already on the verge of death, so naturally he is not afraid of the Wuhuan Demon Lord.
“The emergence of the dragon clan is a major event, and we must consider it in the long ter