ldron. Zheng Dashi had a sinister smile on his face. He was short of a furnace cauldron, so someone came to his door.

Zheng Dashi didn’t feel Wang Meng’s aura and could only leave.
After a while, Wang Meng and the rogue female cultivator came out.
“I thought I was enough to cause trouble. It seems you are better than me. You are actually a master with a life weapon. You are miserable.”
The rogue female cultivator actually looked at Wang Meng with admiration.
“Why don’t you use the mask that you have so much magic and craftsmanship? Why do you need to be chased around?”
Wang Meng smiled bitterly, could this be considered something he could be proud of?
“You think I don’t want to use it. It’s really painful for me to not be able to use such a genuine product.”
The rogue female cultivator had a depressed look on her face, “All those who work with magic have their own faults. If you can’t break their mind lock, you can’t use it at all.”
The rogue female cultivator looked at Wang Meng and said, “Why do you want it?”
Wang Meng waved his hand, “I have no money, at least not yet.”
The rogue female cultivator patted Wang Meng on the shoulder, “You kid, you’re not bad. If you can unlock the mind lock on it, I can give it to you. It’s money. When you have it, you can return it to me with interest.” .”
“Give me a try.” Opportunities like this don’t come often.
The rogue female cultivator rummaged around in her Qiankun bag and found the mask, “I think these so-called strange sects are more bragging.”
Wang Meng fumbled with the mask, and it felt much better than the one used in Tianjimen. This is the real work of the magical craftsmanship. Wang Meng’s mind slowly penetrated the mask, and the mask became integrated. This is the characteristic of the magical craftsmanship, probably. All strange people have this habit.
As soon as his consciousness swept away, the mask emitted a faint white light and suddenly softened.
/“Ah, I don’t see that you really have a problem with it.” The rogue female cultivator looked at Wang Meng in surprise.
/“Haha, I don’t just need it. I need this mask very much. Thank you very much. What’s your name? I will pay you back when I have the money, plus interest!”
The rogue female cultivator touched Wang Meng’s face provocatively and said, “Poor boy, I’m giving it to you. It’s useless to keep it in my hands anyway. Let’s meet again if we have a chance. When the time comes, you can’t exchange it anymore, so I’ll pay with my body.”
The rogue female cultivator waved her hand and walked away gracefully. Wang Meng touched his face and wiped off the beard that had been rubbed off. The mask of uncanny craftsmanship was put on his face, and his face was blurred for a while.
A middle-aged man appeared, and his appearance, temperament, and the life he exuded completely changed.
Wang Meng found a mirror. Even the closest people couldn’t help but look at him. His face was square and rough, and his smile was quite heroic.
Wang Meng himself felt strange, and he had to admit that the magical craftsmansh