d when you are close to the sea of ??fire!”

“I picked it up on the edge of the sea of ????fire. Maybe there was a wave and the heel from the sea of ????fire was lifted up.”
/Wang Meng said.
Everyone immediately looked at Wang Meng. Jiang Qingqing, who had never had a chance to speak, was even more dumbfounded. She came uninvited. She was so anxious when she heard that Wang Meng had gone to the Small Thousand World of Fire God.
“…No, how is it possible to enter there? Generally, to capture the Thousand Tempered Spirit Stones is to hunt strange beasts. They often bring out the Thousand Tempered Spirit Stones.”
Jiang Qingqing’s eyes widened.
Wang Meng shrugged helplessly, “No one told us.”
Others expressed their ignorance, and Jiang Qingqing was speechless. Is this okay? !
“Haha. This is called fate. Now that the second condition has been fulfilled, we are just missing the last one. Senior Sister Jiang, do you have any beautiful junior sisters from the Beauty Sect who don’t have a camp yet? Why not join our Holy Temple camp? There is definitely potential. Pai has a bright future!”
Fan Hong immediately started to attract people nearby.
Jiang Qingqing chuckled, “This will have to wait until the Holy Church has a firm foothold. If a new camp is officially established, it will definitely encounter challenges.
“Tch, who have we been afraid of?”
“Haha, this can’t be those minions from the Ten Thousand Demons Sect. In addition, there is something I almost forgot. Wang Meng, Sister Yuyue asked me to bring you a message. The remnants of the Ten Thousand Demons Sect have collectively joined the Demon Refining camp and are suffering from red Demon Refiner Lord Luo Xian protects him. This person is very self-reliant and will retaliate. If you want the Holy Temple camp to be established safely, it is best to postpone dealing with the Ten Thousand Demons Cult.”
Jiang Qingqing said.
He Zui was stunned, “Luo Xian, how could he accept someone from the Ten Thousand Demons Sect!”
Jiang Qingqing smiled and said, “Someone came to my door. What’s more, the Ten Thousand Demons Sect gave Luo Xian a treasure, which made him quite satisfied. As you know, Luo Xian is famous for being greedy and lustful.”
“Thank that friend for us.” He Zui said, this news is very important, no one has really taken any action in the past few days. If they do it rashly, the people in the temple really can’t resist it.
Jiang Qingqing smiled brightly and left.
“Wang Meng, you should rest first, don’t be in a hurry at this time!”
Wang Meng nodded. Although he had not been in the Vulcan Little Thousand Realm for a long time, the physical pressure on the three of them was great.
Wang Meng walked forward and suddenly felt weak. Ma Tian’er on the side quickly supported him. Wang Meng rubbed his head and said, “It’s okay, maybe he’s a little tired.”
“I’ll help you go and rest first.” Ma Tian’er said.
/“Junior Sister Ma, you are Dan Xiu, and you happen to be taking care of Wang Meng. If you have anything to do, contact us, and I will go find out about t