Yin kills!

Except for the user, everyone will die, even if they are facing Dzogchen, they will lose their mind.
At this time, Yan Song’s sword was already thrusting towards Wang Meng. The leader said that Wang Meng would never be able to stop him, and he understood him with this sword!
But this killing sword was stopped.
Wang Meng’s finger blocked the tip of the sword, but Xiao Yin was still roaring. Wang Meng slowly looked at Xiao’s soul, and Xiao Yin stopped suddenly and exploded instantly.
Before Wang Meng could take action, Yan Song immediately retreated, his back already soaked.
How is this going? ? ?
No one saw how Wang Meng took action, or Wang Meng didn’t take action at all.
At this moment, everyone knew that Wang Meng’s arrival here was not a fluke, let alone luck.
It’s because he has never met an opponent who can make him serious.
Yan Song’s face also flashed, should he use it or not?
But even his own sword was broken!
Four giant puppets instantly appeared next to Yan Song. The four stupid puppets instantly surrounded Wang Meng in the center. At the same time, a prototype formation appeared at his feet. The four prototype formations formed a soul-locking formation to capture Wang Meng. Besieged in the center.
“kill him!”
Yan Song gritted his teeth and said, and the four puppets immediately rumbled towards Wang Mengya.
This is his destiny!
Each one is equivalent to the physical cultivation of the first level of Xiao Yuan Perfect. When paired with the combined formation, it is extremely powerful. As long as we give him a chance, let him kill Wang Meng with one sword!
Wang Meng didn’t even look at it, and lightly stamped his right foot on the ground.
Four shock waves exploded, reaching the four fools in an instant, rumbling
/The four idiots were immediately shaken to pieces.
There was a dead silence in the whole place, staring at Wang Meng in stunned silence, while Linglong and others had expressionless faces. This was shocking to ordinary people, but to them, it had no technical content.
They were waiting for the ancient puppet of the Foolish Puppet Cult, not watching Yan Song, a fool, wasting time here.
Yan Song staggered back with a look of disbelief on his face.
It seems that he is afraid of scaring the other party. “So many friends are here, just waiting for your ancient puppet. What are you waiting for?”
Yan Song’s face turned even paler when he heard this. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to use it, but that Dai Lun was too tall.
I originally thought that it would not be that difficult to kill Wang Meng, and that the puppet should not be used unless it was absolutely necessary, but now
As soon as he gritted his teeth, the formation appeared, a very huge formation, and the secret spell rotated. Yan Song’s whole body instantly turned red, like a cooked crab, and his vitality continued to seep into the formation.
Shanlin frowned, “This is a sacrifice!”
What kind of puppet has to be sacrificed every time it is used?
Forbidden puppet!
Only the legendary taboo fool needs to sa