40, and the leader was probably already a small perfectionist.

Wang Meng took Ma Tianer’s hand, “I feel like it’s mysterious here.”
“Now that you’ve come, take care of yourself, maybe you’ll encounter some good things.”
Wang Meng was very tolerant. At least these people were very well-behaved. They seemed to be from a well-known and upright family, and they seemed to be holy cultivators.
Entering their flying boat, the group of people flew towards the distance. This underground world is very big, no different from the outside world. I really don’t know if it exists naturally or if it was built the day after tomorrow. If it was made the day after tomorrow, it would be worthy of miraculous craftsmanship.
The leader also looked at the two people from time to time, but did not listen or say a word. Wang Meng did not ask. If the other party wanted to say something, he would say it without asking.
Soon a palace like a fairy palace appeared in front of me. It was radiant and white.
Sanmao couldn’t help but crawl out, staring blankly at the radiant palace not far away, his mouth watering.
/Could this be a palace made of spiritual stones? ? ?
The flying boat landed, and the people in the palace looked at Wang Meng and Ma Tianer in surprise.
“You two, come with me.
The leader waved his hand and the others dispersed. Either they were very confident in their own strength and were not worried about Wang Meng and Ma Tianer at all, or they were not hostile.
Wang Meng felt that it was a half-and-half relationship. He took Ma Tianer’s hand and the two of them followed the young swordsman towards the palace.
“Oh my God, Nine-leaf Jade Ganoderma…” Ma Tian’er couldn’t help but exclaimed in surprise. This precious treasure of heaven and earth was actually placed at the door for viewing.
The young man showed a proud smile at Ma Tianer’s fuss, but still did not explain.
Sanmao’s old problem happened again. It also felt the strong spiritual energy, and it was definitely more delicious than the spiritual stone.
Wang Meng knocked Sanmao on the head and said, “Be honest.”
Sanmao chirped helplessly, “Master, it’s delicious.”
Wang Meng secretly said nonsense, he also knew good things, but he had to take them with him.
This place is full of mystery from top to bottom. It feels like the material used to build the palace is not a spiritual stone, but something similar, and it is indeed filled with strong vitality.
The young swordsman brought Wang Meng and Ma Tian’er to the entrance of the hall.
“The elders are waiting for you inside, go in.” After saying that, he stood at the door and said nothing, just looking at Wang Meng.
The door in front of him was more than 20 meters high, and it looked like it was made of white jade. On the door was a five-pointed star symbol that Wang Meng was very familiar with.
The sword cultivator on the side looked at Wang Meng calmly, not everyone could enter this door.
Looking at these two people, there is nothing special at all. Why do the elders pay so much attention to them and risk