as the first to meet him.

Wang Meng did not get into a fight as Kun Yaoyang expected, but instead smiled calmly, “Fat man, I’m just saying, good things must be shared. Although you are angry, business is business, and it is not easy for everyone to come from afar. I will Master, show it to everyone.”
Fatty Bai sweated immediately. The things they caught were not on the same level as the Kun family. It would be better to hide one’s shame than to show one’s embarrassment.
Kun Yaoyang was happy after seeing Fatty Bai’s expression. This Wang Rencai really wanted to save face and suffer the consequences. He somehow tricked Fatty Bai into joining him. The Bai family was also in danger and he would grasp at a straw. Two idiots were tied up. Together, they are bigger idiots.
“Hey, then we all need to see it. If the goods are better than mine, your Bai family’s seat as a hunter in Wangcheng will be restored. I, Kun Yaoyang, will always say that I am the best!”
Not everyone is qualified for large-scale True Essence Beast transactions. The Bai family once had it, but in the end they lost this qualification due to the objections of the Kun family. If Kun Yaoyang does not object, the Bai family can regain the qualification for large-scale transactions.
“That’s good, I agree!” Wang Meng laughed.
“However, if it is not as good as ours, then Brother Wang, what do you think?” Kun Yaoyang said with a smile.
Wang Meng smiled slightly, “I have nothing to offer, what do you think, Brother Kun?”
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Five hundred and ninety-nine threats
“I often hear that Brother Wang is well-known in Haojing for his ability to play, especially for fighting beasts. We are in a small place. We have never seen it before, and we just want to hear dogs barking. If my goods are not as good as mine, Brother Wang will go around. Just look at Wangcheng and learn how to bark a dog.”
“Kun Yaoyang, don’t bully others too much!” Fatty Bai said angrily.
Wang Meng stopped the angry fat man, frowned and said nothing.
That big shot wanted to see Wang Meng embarrassed and destroyed, not just to kill him. He wanted to make Wang Meng look like a ghost, and the first step was to completely destroy his dignity.
The first one to make the big shot happy will definitely get the biggest benefits. “How about it, don’t you even have the courage to do so?”
Wang Meng suddenly smiled, “I just think Brother Kun’s hobby is a bit special. He actually likes to listen to dogs barking. They say birds of a feather flock together, so I hesitated. I’m sure it’s fine.”
Kun Yaoyang smiled, and then the smile suddenly stopped. He was calling him a dog in a roundabout way.
/“Okay, let’s show it to everyone!” Kun Yaoyang sneered. A waste who was kicked out of the house and scolded by everyone dared to be so arrogant. I really don’t know how high the sky is, let alone stepping on such a character. It j