Jiang family. Although the Jiang family deliberately blocked it, what should be known was soon known. After all, the other three families were paying attention all the time.

Only this time, they were waiting to watch the fun.
Gu Yun Xingxing became the number one scholar in the world. Everyone wanted to compete for the number one spot in the world, but it was really difficult to decide who was number one or number two. But Wang Rencai, the number one dude in the Zhou Dynasty, definitely deserved the title. No one could compete with him. Can’t compete either.
What a majestic thing it would take to get the Wang family, who always valued their family lineage, to drive him out of the house. It would be a hundred times harder than killing him.
But that’s it.
And such a person wants to marry Jiang Biyao, their pearl in Wangcheng. Can you believe it?
A flower is about to be stuck on cow dung, which is enough to drive countless cow dung crazy.
Obviously someone will never agree!
The first to bear the brunt are Zhe Wulei from the Zhe family and Wu Yuan from the Danxian Alliance. Both of them are strong suitors of Jiang Biyao, with extraordinary strength and the most promising one. Wu Yuan is also a weirdo, and is highly praised by the Danxian Alliance. After the new generation of alchemists came here, they became obsessed with Jiang Biyao and refused to leave.
The two of them have decided to teach this dandy from Haojing a lesson.
Wang Meng still doesn’t know that he has become the target of public criticism. The Jiang family has never neglected him. He is better than those in the wilderness anyway, and he has no worries about food and drink.
/“Old horse, it seems that you are really relying on me. Are you going to leave?” Wang Meng looked at his inferior horse with a smile. He was now comfortably monopolizing the stable. The other horses had been driven away by it. Apparently, the guys here also Knowing Wang Zhenren’s identity, he didn’t dare to provoke him, which gave him an advantage.
The reason why he is called Lao Ma is because Wang Meng knows that this guy is at least five hundred years old. It is hard to say what he is. He may be sick now, just like the 20 percent back then, and he must have been seriously injured.
Lao Ma snorted, probably saying that I’m staying here to give you face, so you’re welcome.
Wang Meng smiled and said, “Whatever, the door is open, but you should pay attention to your own safety. I am not welcome here.”
Wang Zhenren didn’t mind keeping it for a while, but it seemed that the Jiang brothers and sisters wouldn’t let him have his leisure time. He could hide, but there was no guarantee that others wouldn’t take it out on his horse.
Lao Ma shook his head and ignored him. He was quite a big name.
Back in his room, Wang Meng lay down on the bed carelessly, trying to catch up on a good night’s sleep first. His body was really too weak.
Wang Meng fell into a deep sleep with his arms and legs spread out. A petite figure flashed past, and Wang Meng began to drool in his sleep.