olden horned ape joined the battle circle, the beautiful morning suddenly turned into a deep and fiery water.

Lao Ma’s face darkened, “Ho!”
/This is intolerable.
The little guys calmed down at once, but the yard was already in a mess, the ground was scorched black, it was 90% burned, there were pits, they were holes dug by armored turtles, and there were pools of mud, which were the big mouths. The water was sprayed, and the broken tree was still held in the big man’s hands. What a great landscape tree, but this guy used it as a weapon.
At this time, Xiao Hua, who had not participated in the war, slowly swam over from one side and began to clean the yard quietly. From time to time, the talented green plant light on her body lit up, and the natural breath burst out from time to time. In a blink of an eye, the mud puddle was It was flattened, the mud disappeared, and the charred ground was covered with new soil and grass.
Jiuzhe nodded her head, Xiaohua did a good job, and then looked at the old horse flatteringly.
Lao Ma turned away, but still couldn’t hold it back. These little guys were annoying, but without them, it felt a little empty. Alas, it was empty, lonely and cold. I think back then, there were not a hundred around me, but there were ninety-nine beauties. I still don’t think about it anymore, the more I think about it, the more painful it becomes.
I’ll teach you a lesson for waiting for 10% off.
It was a mess. Is this how Red Rocket is used? Shoot as soon as it comes up. Remember you are a female bird, don’t shoot randomly! There is also an armored turtle. Is the armor used well? Why don’t you dodge attacks that you can dodge? Why do you like to consume all your true energy so much? Golden-horned Ape, let go of that tree. It’s not your wife, but the little flower is doing well.
Xiaohua was startled and seemed to have done nothing?
The old horse snorted. After the lesson, he felt happy and began to teach him his combat experience.
/What is the nature of a fight? To hit others while not letting others hit you, there is one way to hit when there are many people, and there is another way to hit when there are few people.
It was obvious that Lao Ma’s fighting philosophy was extremely vulgar. The five simple little True Essence Beasts were instilled with Lao Ma’s various “ideas” in a daze.
When Wang Meng walked out of the room, the old horse was already strolling aside, and they were arranged in the Five Elements Formation. The yard was quiet.
Wang Meng smiled, said hello to Lao Ma, and put the 10% discount into the Five Elements Rongling Bracelet. Today is the day to go to the Royal Dojo.
Not everyone can go to this royal dojo, especially Han Chuxue’s dojo. The younger generation of disciples who are somewhat respectable in Haojing are flocking to it. They have admired Han Chuxue’s name for a long time. It is impossible to say that they are not curious at all. Wang Meng is also See what is so special about this woman who fell to the ground.
The Royal Dojo is located in the Royal Yingtian