kid is, since he is going to attend the Hundred Treasures Hall Meeting, he will have the opportunity to show that the disciple selected by the senior will definitely not be wrong, and he is still in Lei Guang Don, I’m going to show my face in a big way this time!

Also in a good mood is Zhao Tianlong, one of the six great patriarchs. Zhao Lingxuan is becoming more and more sensible. She has been working hard to reach the twentieth floor in the past few days. Among the disciples of his Zhao family, only her great-granddaughter is the best. Excellent, others such as Zhao Guang can only say that it is okay. It is enough to be an elder in the future, maybe better than Zhao Ya, but he is still a little short of the opportunity to inherit the Zhao family’s mantle and become the founder. Zhao Tianlong pinned his hopes on Zhao Lingxuan.
The family has a special existence in the church system. It is inseparable and has a unique honor. However, the premise is that the ancestor must be in office, otherwise, the family will gradually die out.
With his skills, it is not a problem to live another half a century, but he must train a good heir for the Zhao family, just like the Li family has Li Tianyi, and the Zhao family has Zhao Lingxuan.
“Reporting to the Patriarch, Zhao Guang asks for an audience.”
Zhao Tianlong opened his eyes and said, “Let him come in.”
Not long after, Zhao Guang came in. Although he had been here several times, every time he saw the ancestor, who was also the master of the Zhao family with the power of life and death, Zhao Guang was still a little trembling, but he knew that Zhao Tianlong hated weak people the most.
“Disciple Zhao Guang pays homage to the Patriarch!”
Zhao Guang kowtowed according to the strict ceremony.
/Zhao Tianlong nodded lightly, “Get up.”
“Thank you, Patriarch.”
Zhao Tianlong’s gaze swept across like a knife. He looked at people as he looked at a magic weapon. Whether they were malleable talents could not escape his eyes.
Zhao Guang is pretty good among the younger generation. Without Zhao Lingxuan, Zhao Tianlong may have no choice but to choose him. But with Zhao Lingxuan, he is just a backup. Zhao Tianlong is taboo against internal fights, so he decided on his position from the beginning and chose Power can only be in his heart, and of course children can prove it through hard work.
“What’s the matter? Tell me.”
“Master Qi, I would like to invite you to participate in this Baibao Hall meeting!”
Zhao Guang comes straight to the point and seeks wealth in danger. He knows that he is not favored, but he never accepts his fate.
Chapter 85: Small church meeting
Failure starts from the moment of giving up. This is not Zhao Guang’s character.
“Tell me your reasons.” Zhao Tianlong still couldn’t see the emotional fluctuations. .]
“When a disciple first arrives at Daoguang Hall, he needs to prove himself.” Zhao Guang said solemnly.
“Oh, you want me to support you?” Zhao Tianlong said lightly.
Zhao Guang hurriedly bowed, “Disciples don’t dare. Although Daoguang Hall is full o