hey are also top-notch at the master level!

For Zhan Yingluo, what she saw in front of her made her world feel like it was collapsing!
How is this possible? She has been practicing spirit control since she was a child, and now she has become a genius as everyone calls her. But what Wang Meng just performed is something she may not be able to touch in another five years.
How can it be!
Why is this happening!
/Only then did Wang Meng realize that he had gone a little too far, “Haha, I’m lucky today. Brother Su, take the first step.”
Zhan Yingluo took a deep breath, stood in front of Wang Meng, and shouted: “Wang Rencai!”
Wang Meng raised his head, and his eyes were dazzled by Zhan Yingluo’s almost invincible snow-white skin. She may have a delicate appearance, but her snowy skin and voluptuous figure are a real bonus. She can cover up all the ugliness with one white skin.
Not to mention being yelled at by the other party, a memory of Wang Rencai came to Wang Meng’s mind. This woman as white as snow had real grudges.
Wang Meng smiled bitterly in his heart, but he had to face it, “Miss Zhan, I did some stupid things back then. I am now living in the Bai family temporarily. If Miss Zhan wants to find her place, I will always be there. I hope not to involve others. people.”
Wang Meng finally knew what the prodigal had done before. It seemed to be a gathering of the upper class in Haojing. At that time, everyone was still young, and Zhan Yingluo was very dark at that time. As a result, he was publicly insulted by Wang Rencai. A group of friends followed suit, and one girl ran away in tears. Then they spread the word about things like black skin and watery skin, which made the other party unable to go out to meet people. No wonder Wang Meng didn’t remember it for a while. It was true that women had changed in their 18th century.
Wang Rencai had forgotten about it a long time ago, but there was no hope.
The two made eye contact, and Zhan Yingluo gritted her teeth. She knew that the other party had remembered. After being insulted, she never appeared in public again. You can only practice hard.
“Isn’t it too late for you to be a good person now?”
Wang Meng shrugged helplessly, “I’ve never been a good person, and I can’t be a good person. As I said, I’m always here for you.”
Wang Meng did not continue. This was an unreasonable thing. We could only use troops to cover up the water and the earth. In general. It’s not the kind of thing that’s done very well, if it destroys a girl’s virginity. That’s what Wang Zhenren did.
Face is so simple, just give her some face at this time and make her feel happy. How can a man bully a girl?
Returning to the Bai family compound, Wang Meng began to close the courtyard for retreat.
From the moment Zhan Yingluo arrived, Wang Meng had already realized that the families that Wang Rencai had offended were starting to take action. Zhan Yingluo was only the one Wang Rencai offended the least!
Wang Meng had to seize the time to familiarize himself with the use of the Five Elements Sou