ings. We haven’t seen each other for a long time. We need to greet them and show our high morale that we are not messing around outside.

In addition, it’s time for Daoyun, the two senior sisters Hong and Bai, to pick a peach.
Changming Mansion.
The sound of water is continuous and the undercurrent is turbulent.
“As soon as the back leg left the Xianfu Continent, the front leg arrived at the door of my cousin’s house. No, it was the door of our house.”
“No, you came back as soon as we entered the water.”
In the large swimming pool, Lu Bei hugged the eldest princess’s cousin and talked sweetly. The latter’s wet hair and blue silk were stuck to her white jade neck. She looked lazy and blushed. He rolled his eyes when he heard the words and raised his finger to Zhu Bai, who was taking a nap with his eyes closed. Yu.
After receiving the message from the dead ghost, he walked out of the quiet room with joy. Then he saw Butler Yu sleeping by the swimming pool. It was obvious that a fierce battle had been fought.
“Hey, when did Sister Yu come here? How come I didn’t see her just now? I didn’t even notice my sect master’s perception. Is her cultivation so terrible?”
/Lu Bei took a breath and received another pair of eyes.
Zhu Qilan was curious about the affairs of the Immortal Mansion Continent and was too lazy to listen to Lu Bei’s talk. She leaned on his shoulder and rubbed her temples together, asking what happened.
It is related to the blood curse of the ancient Xiongchu family, and more broadly speaking, it is related to the future development plans of the Xiongchu Millennium Divine Dynasty, which is extremely unfriendly to the Zhu family of Wuzhou.
That is Lu Bei. If it were anyone else, if this matter spread, there is a high probability that the Zhu family would exterminate the nine tribes on charges of treason and treason.
Right now
Zhu Qilan frowned when he heard this and complained: “The Gu family is no longer cursed, the Xiongchu heritage is increasing day by day, Wu Zhou is next to them, you should not help each other like this.”
“Saving one life is better than building a seven-level pagoda. This sect leader has recently practiced Buddhism and cannot bear it.”
Zhu Qilan didn’t believe it and said instead: “After a thousand years of great kindness, the Gu family didn’t express anything to you?”
“Yes, it’s a long list. They’re all treasures. I’ll show them to you. If you want anything, just ask.” Lu Bei patted his chest generously.
Zhu Qilan raised her hand and patted away her paws, taking charge of her destiny and said: “Where’s the princess, how many have been given away?”
“You know this as well?!”
Lu Bei looked shocked and said truthfully: “One big and one small. Not only did they move out the old Emperor Xiongchu’s aunt, Lord Xinli, who was from the Human Race Holy Land last time, but they also brought all the old aunts here. They seemed to be called Gu Gu Yuanping.” , Earth Immortal cultivation is better than the founding princess of your Zhu family.”
/Hearing this, Zhu Qilan knew