picked up the military uniform and saw that it was a school-level military uniform. The fabric of this uniform was obviously different from the sergeant-level military uniform and the lieutenant-level military uniform.

Without hesitation, he put on his military uniform, pinned the rank of major on it, and used the mirror on one side to straighten his appearance.
The size of this school-level military uniform was chosen based on the results of a scan of his body, so it fit him perfectly. The hat on his head made him look much more mature.
Smiling at himself in the mirror, David turned and walked out of the room.
“Major, the federal army welcomes you!” When Lieutenant Hovey saw David walking out in a major’s uniform, horror flashed in his eyes, and he took the initiative to step forward and salute.
As an officer who receives new recruits, Lieutenant Hovey is even more aware of the rank standards of this ‘war mobilization’.
Because they are temporary combatants recruited by the “War Mobilization”, military ranks are awarded based on the lowest standards.
Generally, graduates from top colleges can have the rank of second lieutenant when they enter the army.
However, non-graduates from the top academies convened by ‘War Mobilization’ will only be given the rank of sergeant. If you want to enter the ranks of lieutenant-level officers, they must be promoted through military merit.
/Not only that, many civilian soldiers can only become superior soldiers.
It is almost impossible for someone like David to become a school-level officer as soon as he enters the army.
You must know that the best graduates from top colleges will directly obtain the rank of lieutenant after being recommended by the college and assessed by the military. This is already the highest military rank that recruits can obtain, and there are very few lieutenant places for such recruits every year. Everyone is a top talent.
Of course, there will also be special recruits who have obtained military exploits on the battlefield before entering the army, and these military exploits will be included in the evaluation of military ranks.
In Lieutenant Hovey’s impression, he had only seen two recruits who directly became captains due to their military exploits during his years in the army.
In his opinion, this is the limit for new recruits. Even if they have entered the army, even if they have not entered the army, school-level officers are also an insurmountable barrier for lieutenant-level officers.
David returned a military salute to Lieutenant Hovey. Although he was wearing a military uniform, he did not feel like he was entering the army.
“Lieutenant Hovey, don’t we need to conduct recruit training?” David asked.
As far as David knows, new recruits need at least one hundred days of training to enter the army, and some professional positions require longer training.
“Major, the recruits summoned this time all have relevant skills. As far as I know, all recruit training will be arranged by each department after entering the post, so as to adapt t