exchange process to make David worse than death.

Just as he was thinking about it, a familiar energy wave suddenly swept over him. This familiar energy wave stayed in the air, surging forward from him like a tide.
/Hess Chaofan knows what kind of energy this is. This energy fluctuation that can last for one minute is the unique scanning fluctuation of his Hess scanning device.
In the past, Heisi Chaofan was very proud of this scanning ability, because he used this scanning device to find hidden opponents many times.
Now this scanning fluctuation was coming towards himself, which made him feel unspeakable annoyance.
“Give me my order and leave here immediately!” Heisi Chaofan ordered loudly.
Although the eighteen soldiers’ subordinates had just set up the camp, they immediately took it apart again without any hesitation and began to move.
Heisi Chaofan knew how big the Heisi’s scanning range was, and he just wanted to get out of the fifty-kilometer range as soon as possible.
What he hoped most was that David didn’t understand the characteristics of the huge scanning device, so that he could successfully escape from the scanning range.
But just when Heisi Chaofan ran less than ten kilometers, another wave of scanning energy hit him. He understood that it would be difficult for him to escape the scanning device of Heisi.
The Hess can scan up to once per minute, which means that the Hess can track everything fifty kilometers around it almost continuously. Once locked by the Hess, it will be difficult to escape.
Even though Heisi Chaofan has a deep understanding of the Heisi’s scanning capabilities, he cannot quickly escape from the Heisi’s scanning lock.
“Give me the camp and everyone move separately!” Heisi Chaofan ordered the soldiers around him.
The six soldiers handed the components of the tent behind them to Heisi Chaofan, who put them into his space wristband.
The soldiers knew in their hearts that Heisi Chaofan gave up on them. They were all trained by Heisi Chaofan, and they were unable to resist Heisi Chaofan’s decision.
The eighteen soldiers are divided into eighteen directions. Including Heisi Chaofan, a total of nineteen targets are scattered to nineteen different directions. At the same time, Heisi Chaofan also wears a suit with the eighteen soldiers. Identical exoskeleton armor.
“So cunning!” David looked at the nineteen figures in the light screen, each moving in nineteen directions, and all of them were wearing exoskeleton armor. He knew that this was Heiss’s extraordinary way of coping, and couldn’t help but say softly. .
“I’m going to hunt them down now. As long as the Heiss is here, we can clear out the nineteen targets one by one!” Principal Lake Chaofan said with an indifferent smile.
What is happening now is much better than what Principal Lake Chaofan expected before he arrived. Now they have no losses and are still chasing Heis Chaofan. Although catching up with Heis Chaofan is a bit troublesome, these troubles are nothing.
“Principal, I’ll join forces with Beecher and Dunbar to