The battle ended quickly, and the entire battlefield was filled with insect corpses.
“All rest!” After Captain Macaulay gave the order, the federal soldiers walked out of the battle.
Today’s soldiers can no longer be called recruits. After experiencing such a war, they have become federal soldiers.
/But after the battle, many of the federal soldiers looked at the insect corpses on the ground. Although the mask blocked the smell, it still made them retching.
/The veteran leading the team allowed his federal soldiers to rest and take nutritional supplements while summarizing the battle just now.
The effect of combat summary is the best at this time. Avoiding mistakes is the only way to reduce casualties on the battlefield.
Medical soldiers treat injured federal soldiers. Minor injuries can be treated on the spot, while serious injuries can be sent to the medical spacecraft behind for treatment.
The Logistics Department also began to clean the battlefield. The three corpses of Level 3 Zerg and the corpses of Level 1 and Level 1 Zerg all over the ground were all put into the transport spacecraft. These will be handed over to the military headquarters for unified processing.
“Lieutenant Colonel David, it seems that you are also in danger!” Nathaniel Chaofan couldn’t help but said when he saw the cut mark on David’s third-level shield.
“The foot knives of the ‘Shining Blade Beetle’ are so terrifying, they will continue to attack even before they die!” David nodded and said.
“Thank you for your help today, otherwise I will lose face in front of these men and it will be difficult to manage in the future!” Nathaniel thanked with a smile.
If David hadn’t sniped and killed the Shining Sword Beetles who were fighting against the two extraordinary beings, and the two extraordinary beings had been seriously injured by the Shining Sword Beetles, they would have lost their prestige in front of this group of newly met men, and would have tried to regain it in the future. I’m afraid it’s hard to trust your subordinates.
For an army whose subordinates cannot believe that Guardian Chaofan can protect them, the consequences will be disastrous.
“I also want to thank you for helping to block a ‘Shining Blade Beetle’, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to bear it!” David said with a smile without taking the credit.
Nathaniel Chaofan looked at the damage on the ‘Super Armor’ and said nothing more. Sometimes you don’t need to say too much to express your gratitude.
After resting for ten minutes, the federal soldiers took nutritional supplements. After summarizing their experience, the team set off again.
It’s just that at this time, the federal soldiers were very ambitious and walked with murderous intent. These murderous intentions were weak to individual federal soldiers, but when gathered together, they formed a very strong momentum.
Today’s six thousand federal soldiers have begun to take shape.
Most of the alloys have been eaten by the Zerg. Ordinary Zerg can also feed on metal, but not as fast as the ‘gold-eating ants’.