Zhou Dynasty were not stingy about their expectations for the temple, and no one left during some rest time.

“The Holy Church has little chance of winning this time.”
“I was there when the Dead Man Group took action, and it was a perfect instant kill of the God Transformation Realm. It is said that they are old enemies with the Time Immortal Group, and this time they came to settle personal grudges.”
This is the real taboo. The Holy Church led by Wang Meng is also very strong, but can it really be done?
Thunder God Suoming’s forbidden hammer, but can it prohibit order?
The Dead Group controls the order of death.
Zhou Qian seems to be in control of the Libra Icon, which is very powerful, but if it is one level behind, do you have a chance to use it?
Meng Ningzi has fully proved this point. The icon is very powerful, but it is not infinitely powerful. If the gap is too large, it will be useless.
As for Wang Meng, it’s really hard to say what level he is. It stands to reason that he is at most better than Meng Ningzi and the others. Even if he is much better, there is still a big gap here.
As for the skinny group, I always felt that it was not worthy of its name. This kind of shameless thing was just playing ruthlessly. Wang Meng found a way to restrain it and was killed.
But do the Dead Men have any weaknesses?
If he really had a weakness, he would definitely not be able to survive today. There are so many monks who want to make a name for themselves through heroic deeds, but they are still living well, and no one even dares to provoke them.
Mastering the order of death is the real immortality.
How strong can the power of immortality be?
The Dead Man Group waited quietly. From the first dojo to the present, even when taking action, there were not many changes in the Dead Man Group, just quietly.
The church is also ready.
Wang Meng, Suo Ming and others could not see any pressure on them and were very calm. Ma Tianer and Wan’er were still talking and laughing, but looking at the people around the church, the Meng family and the Wang family, everyone was worried, even Meng Guangru and Wang Zongzheng could only force a smile and pretend to be calm.
The Dead Man Group is so powerful. After doing so many things, the two families really recognized Wang Meng, especially Wang Zongzheng.
But Wang Zongzheng was not good at words. He did not speak, but he was still worried in his heart, but he did not do anything on behalf of Wang Meng, let alone admit defeat.
Nine Hundred and Eight Laws of Life
/From the family’s point of view, winning or losing this kind of battle is not important. It is enough at this point. After all, the church has become famous all over the world, and there is no need to fight to the end, especially when facing a group of dead people.
It’s just that Wang Zongzheng is Wang Zongzheng after all. He didn’t speak because Wang Meng made his own decision. From the beginning until now, he has never made a mistake.
Wang Meng smiled. At this point, he finally had a decent opponent.
“Senior brothe