fun has just begun.

second round. Wanlingjiao Ji Wanli faced off against Santang Suoming.
Suo Ming possesses the ultimate immortality through physical training, can Ji Wanli do anything about it?
/Yang Ying and others’ hearts suddenly became tense. At this point, everyone knew what each battle meant.
Lei Lei was even more nervous. Once upon a time, he was still giving advice to this silent disciple, but now Suo Ming has far surpassed him.
With the immortal body, the most powerful technique of physical cultivation, and the forbidden hammer, this battle is definitely one that can be won!
And in his mind, Suo Ming also had an advantage. He needed to show his strength with the weak against the strong, and the pressure was on Ji Wanli’s side.
The people in the temple are full of confidence, mainly because of Ma Tianer’s timely arrival. The supplement of the Tree of Life is unmatched by any other elixir. Suo Ming is definitely at the peak of his confidence and strength now.
Needless to say, there is no need to mention the will. When the Templar disciples have reached this point, nothing can defeat them in terms of will.
Suo Ming came on stage, carrying his forbidden magic hammer that glowed red. He looked mighty and domineering. The forbidden magic hammer undoubtedly chilled the hearts of Fu Xiu and Sword Xiu. Paired with immortality. Anyone who sees such an opponent will have a headache.
Suo Ming’s opponent is Ji Wanli, a golden-winged roc who is known as the fastest among human monks.
This is a battle of speed and strength. Although Ji Wanli is famous and strong enough, he faces a tough opponent like Suo Ming. I’m afraid I’m going to have a headache too.
The monks are all talking and waiting for the battle to begin. This will be a fierce battle. The key is whether Ji Wanli can find Suo Ming’s life gate. For Suo Ming, it depends on whether he can drag Ji Wanli to death.
Everyone has a chance!
The disastrous defeat in the last game did not seem to damage the Dragon King’s mood. His expression remained calm. He chose to join the world. The Dragon King was obviously ready.
While the Dragon Clan is aloof and arrogant. Without competition and without crisis, how can we evolve?
Although this is an advantage unique to humans. But they used their strengths to make up for their weaknesses. What humans can do, dragons can do too.
It’s just that the dragon clan in the past was disdainful. Now the Dragons need a change.
Change will inevitably lead to pain relief.
When Tianlong was carried away, Linglong and Zilong’s expressions were obviously uncomfortable, even a little unacceptable.
But, this is the price of growth.
Nothing is invincible.
/Listening to the discussion among the nearby sect leaders, a smile appeared on the corner of Jidao Immortal Lord’s mouth.
Is the Covenant powerful? Unification?
Since ancient times, there has been a truth that whoever laughs last is the real winner.
Facing Ji Wanli, Suo Ming naturally did not dare to take it lightly. This was one of the few people identified as a threat by