tion to Shu Qiwei and Jue Buqi, “Let’s go together.”

Just transformed Jingkong Jingyun into a shadow puppet, now. It is when their fighting power is strongest. When the shadow puppet is first transformed, it is the most powerful. It is almost the same as the power in life. However, the Buddha’s light will turn into shadow light. As time goes by, the puppet will slowly become weaker. . It will not stabilize until it falls to a whole level.
Shu Qingqing helplessly rolled his dice, “Are you sure you have won this game? Haha, can’t you feel whether your puppet is listening or not?”
Ying Yi’s eyes narrowed, and suddenly, his expression changed dramatically!
Although the two shadow puppets of Jingkong and Jingyun exude the aura of shadow, they are not under their control in the shadow world set up by the five of them!
order. Always starts to fall apart from a corner.
When an uncontrollable corner appears in the world of shadows
“The Buddha is in my heart, my heart is there, the Buddha is there, and he is so compassionate. That’s how it is, donor. Thank you very much for your teaching.”
Jingyun, who had completely turned into a puppet, suddenly let out a faint laugh, and the voice was light and gentle.
Jingkong stretched out his hand, looked at the shadow marks all over his body, and called out the Buddha’s name, “I am a compassionate Buddha. The path to enlightenment is difficult, and the sea of ??suffering is boundless. When you turn around, you will find the shore, put down the butcher knife, and become a Buddha immediately.”
The pure white Buddha’s light lit up from Jingkong and Jingyun with a loud bang, bit by bit, not as powerful as before, but soft and irresistible.
The way of Buddhism forms a world of its own, and only I, the Buddha, dominates everything.
The order of the Buddhist world has come to the world.
Jingkong Jingyun’s eyes are full of spirituality, they are devout people!
Have faith and you are invincible!
The so-called Buddhist practice in the world is the experience of the mind, which transcends the power itself and points directly to the core of the way of heaven.
From the very beginning, Buddhist practice is higher than other monks.
Of course, only someone of Wang Meng’s level can see through it.
At this moment, the two of them realize that it doesn’t matter what a Buddha is. As long as the Buddha is in the heart, I am the Buddha. If the Buddha is in the human heart, the human being is the Buddha. If the Buddha is in the devil’s heart, the devil can also be the Buddha.
It doesn’t matter if your whole body is eroded by shadows. As long as you have Buddha in your heart, everything will be destroyed.
“This is impossible! The order of shadows is irreversible, and the shadow path is endless, suppressing and killing!”
As soon as the shadow roared, the other four people turned into a pool of shadow, and they suddenly entered the shadow with their bodies, strengthening the shadow world unfolding layer by layer on the battlefield. Under the order, they were invincible.