live cripple can still hold on until now.

Terrible and more respectable.
/Wang Meng’s eyes moved, “Unfortunately, there is still a lack of wood.”
Ma Tian’er blinked and sighed, “I, the Wooden Emperor, do not live up to my name in comparison.”
Before the No. 1 Dojo in the World, Ma Tianer was still at the peak of the Divine Transformation Realm. Obviously, she was far from the other Four Emperors. However, the so-called Five Emperors were also passed down orally by ordinary monks and were not self-titled. It can only be said that the Fire Emperor and others were too involved in the world, and Ma Tianer rose too quickly, so it was said that they became the Five Emperors.
Wang Meng smiled, “It’s just an opportunity. The cripple’s life and death should be very helpful to you.”
While speaking, a bit of divinity emerged. How much Ma Tian’er can realize depends on her own. At this time, in the eyes of ordinary monks, the Four Emperors were already invincible, and the Four Souls were extremely ferocious. They even imprisoned the cripple to fight in the world of fairy order they blasted out. Definitely the home field, although the lame man is still insisting, he looks very powerful while riding the Allosaurus, and he also talks very powerfully, saying that he is short of wood, but how to look at it. A cripple is like a weakling. No matter how hard he flies, he will never be able to break through this fairyland.
In the eyes of the monks who are also in the Yuan Shen realm, they are judging each other.
He is truly terrifying! No, maybe. The word horror can only describe it.
You must know that he is also a master of the Yuanshen realm. However, without releasing his Yuanshen, he forcefully forced the four emperors to join forces to release their Yuanshen to fight.
The four emperors obviously knew it too. They only had the advantage on the surface, but what about when the cripple released his soul?
The only way is to use force to force the cripple to have no chance to release his soul.
Boom boom boom
The soul explodes continuously. Once the cripple shows signs of releasing his soul, the power of the entire immortal world surges wildly, and the will of the entire immortal world is bombarded. Even if the soul is released as he wishes, the body will always be one thousandth A moment’s delay. As long as the Four Emperors catch it, they can seriously injure the cripple. A severely injured cripple will not be so scary even if he has a soul.
Now. The key to victory or defeat seems to lie in whether the cripple can successfully release his soul.
Suddenly, the cripple smiled.
The four emperors stepped up their offensive and never gave the cripple any chance.
“Yes, a very good idea, but as I said, the lack of wood in the Five Elements is your biggest problem. This fairy world is well created. The laws and heavenly ways are childish, but it does feel like a fairy world.”
The lame man raised his hand and tapped the cane lightly. He saw that the end that was originally damaged by the four emperors was restored t