uoming nodded.

“Also, Brother Meng is a dragon among men. Sooner or later he will become famous, but he will take me with him wherever he goes, so you can just follow me and work hard.”
/“Yes, Brother Jiang, I will practice hard to protect Brother Jiang’s safety!”
“That’s right, let’s bake another one.”
Safety comes first when going out. With the protection of Suoming’s hard-hitting physique and his invincible archery skills, you will be safe wherever you go.
Hu Jing has begun to practice her own skills. The vitality here is indeed abundant. This full feeling is so good. The strength of Wang Meng and the others really stimulates Hu Jing’s self-esteem. She is working hard to catch up. The two entered the temple together, how could there be such a big gap?
On the other side of Lingyin Hall, they followed the routine exactly. Li Tianyi ran away somewhere, and Mingren and others practiced together.
After Wang Meng turned around a few times, he sat back in the main hall. The hall was gloomy, and the air flowed from time to time, and there were whistling sounds from time to time. It was really scary, and even the boldest people would feel uncomfortable, but Wang Meng didn’t feel it at all.
This hall is at the core of the formation. This formation is quite interesting and seems to be connected to the entire secret realm.
The formations that can be connected to the secret realm are quite clever. This shows that the person who created the formation must be a clever person. Only those who can understand the power of the laws of this secret realm can create it.
In the world of cultivation, there are all kinds of masters, and Wang Meng’s eyes have been opened this time.
This formation was integrated with the earth, but Wang Meng could see the result, but not the secret behind it.
It was late at night, and Wang Meng continued to practice his Five Elements of Hinayana. The power of the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth flowed along the traces of life. In the eyes of others, the pure and only yuan power was indeed the five mutually reinforcing and mutually restraining powers in Wang Meng’s meditation. It flows, constantly telling the secret of power between heaven and earth.
But it is obvious that the fire of the five elements has a special kind of affection for Wang Meng. Wang Meng has initially understood the true meaning of the fire of the five elements. The second is the gold of the five elements, which is also willing to get close to Wang Meng, while the other earth, wood, and water still follow the rules. The ground was spinning. Wang Meng could feel it, but he couldn’t use it.
Gradually, Wang Meng seemed to calm down. Yuan Li slowly penetrated into the crooked traces on the ground. The traces glowed dimly, and the formation was triggered.
But it was still quiet outside the ruins, as if nothing had happened, and the sky was still dim.
Wang Meng’s feeling was being amplified. He felt that the five elements in his body were being amplified, as if they were alive. Gradually, he felt a more power