from now on, no matter what, you have to go back and tell your parents-in-law!” Wang Meng said domineeringly.

Two hundred and twenty-seven prestige
This time Yang Ying didn’t blush, she felt sweet in her heart, and she was a little uneasy. She obeyed Wang Meng before telling her family. Anyway, the raw rice was already cooked, so she expected that there would be nothing to do at home.
In the next three days, the nine branches of the holy church were extremely lively, but the Leiguang Hall and Daoguang Hall were as quiet as before the war.
The disciples all know that this is a change of old and new. Can Ning Zhiyuan hold on?
“Senior brother, this is the latest investigation data I got from that boy Zhang Liang. The reputation of this boy Wang Meng is as good as that of senior brother Ning, and his support in the lower third hall is even more than that of senior brother.”
Zhuang Xuan smiled and said, “But in terms of odds, I still think 80% of the time that Senior Brother Ning can win.”
Zhao Guang showed a cruel smile, “It’s best for these two guys to finish it off together. Once and for all, it will be over.”
Zhuang Xuan nodded, “Ning Zhiyuan’s whereabouts are undecided, but he will definitely not stay here. Wang Meng is just a humble and lowly creature from the mortal world. Only senior brother can lead the heroes in the temple now.”
Who would have thought that the original No. 3 figure in Daoguang Hall was actually from the Ma family, and the Zhao family and the Ma family reached a deal. The disciples of this generation strongly promoted Zhao Guang to prepare for Zhao Lingxuan’s entry into the church in the future. Of course, the Zhao family paid Only they know what it is.
With this main force, Zhao Guang dared to openly challenge Ning Zhiyuan. The Zhao family and the Ma family were indeed strong enough to fight against Ning Zhiyuan.
“How is the investigation of the traitor going? The ancestors are very concerned about this matter. If it is solved, it will be a great achievement for both of us.”
Zhao Guang said.
“The scope is being narrowed, but this person is really good at hiding information and leaving no traces. It seems that his status is not low.”
Zhuang Xuan said that this time the Ma family and the Zhao family went to war and directly interfered with the division of disciples’ forces. In a way, they were forced by Wang Meng’s interference. Moreover, Wang Meng was different from Ning Zhiyuan. At least Ning Zhiyuan had no affiliation, while Wang Meng Being too close to the Zhou family made the Ma family and Zhao family very afraid.
“It’s a pity that this happened before Wang Meng came, otherwise this person would be the most suspicious.” Zhuang Xuan said.
/Zhao Guang nodded, “If this kind of thing doesn’t happen, there must be a handle so that he can’t refute it. No matter what, we can’t live up to the trust our ancestors have placed in us!”
/Zhuang Xuan nodded, the Ma family’s family was very deep in the city, and the fact that he could endure it in Daoguang Hall for so many years showed his s