hool. You should be familiar with each other, right?”

“It’s not bad.” Wang Meng smiled bitterly. He and Ma Tian’er are in an awkward situation now. Ma Tian’er has a good personality, but she rejected her by her own means. No one else would be happy, let alone later she was with Yang Ying. Together, I’m afraid it irritated her even more.
“As soon as I heard it was okay, I knew it was over. That Yan Yuyue seemed to be a very good person, and he even helped us pay, but he is from the Demon Heart Sect. Do you, the Holy Cultivator of the Four Directions Small Thousand World, have a good relationship with the Holy Cultivator? ”
Fan Hong, who suddenly woke up, seemed to have become a talkative, and Wang Meng was no longer lonely.
“Similar to you, the competition is still fierce. The Holy Church and the Demonic Heart Sect are on the same page, but it’s hard to say anything else.
“I’m just saying, alas, it’s a pity that we don’t have enough strength, otherwise it would be great to join the camp. The sect can only give some spiritual stones. Joining the camp has many benefits, and you don’t have to worry about being bullied.”
“I’m not interested. I think it’s pretty cool now.”
/“That’s because it’s okay. I’m afraid the troubles from the last dragon battle are not over yet. If we don’t find a big camp to protect us, we will be in danger. I’ve been worried these past two days.”
“If the soldiers come to cover up the water and the earth, what will happen?” Wang Meng could see that Fan Hongzhen had no fighting experience. The Fahua Sect was a protective umbrella for him, and it was really difficult to adapt to the Great Yuan world.
“I heard that if you pay a considerable amount of spiritual stones, you can join the tyrant camp, so that you won’t be afraid of dragons fighting them. How about I help us both?” Fan Hong rubbed his hands.
Wang Meng smiled and said, “I don’t need it.”
Fan Hong did not continue the topic, “By the way, you said that Xianyu can really turn around. The real person showed up yesterday, and he really used the arc sword technique, which impressed Hua Wuque. Hua Wuque was a little nervous. , I have some confidence in myself, even real people can understand the arc sword technique, why can’t I!”
/Fan Hong looked at Wang Meng, while Wang Zhenren was cleaning the alchemy furnace seriously. Alas, couldn’t these people be more careful when using it? The explosion was really earth-shaking and dust was everywhere.
Wang Zhenren and Fan Hong completed their duties seriously and entered the teaching circle. On the one hand, they could refine some necessary elixirs by themselves. There are many places in the Great Yuan Realm that cannot be reached without the help of elixirs. .
Of course, Wang Meng is not for these needs, not even the extra money is important, but for the alchemy itself.
Zhou Feng is a good master. Although Wang Meng was able to show off in front of Zhou Feng at that time, it was because of the influence of his godhead. In terms of real alchemy strength, he was far behind. However, Zhou Feng