ding swordsman, you still need to have certain abilities, but this will not be discovered until much later.

“Damn, this mission also requires a team. If you don’t have strong swordsmanship and physical training, it’s just a fool’s errand!”
“The risk is high, the contribution is small, tsk tsk, Lei Guangtang really can’t mess with it anymore. A friend of mine, from Xianyuantang, follows the senior brothers and can get a few spiritual stones every month. This guy used to be better than me. There is only one level difference, and now they are two levels ahead of me, and I already want to die!”
A bow cultivator shook his head and said.
/“No one wants people like us. Remember, I have a junior sister I like in the Beast Control Hall. We met some time ago and she brought a spiritual beast. Damn, my messenger is still a little demon. This face is really There was no place to put it, so I broke up with her without her asking.”
“Hey, who made our fate bad? Don’t complain. I’m planning to open a spiritual field. At least I can collect some spiritual grains in exchange for some contribution. I can save some in exchange for some spiritual stones.”
“Come on, with our Lei Guang Tang’s vitality, if Baicao Tang can just plant it anywhere, it won’t be better than us guarding it day and night, fork!”
After Zhao Guang left, Lei Guangtang was indeed impetuous. It was already weak, and now it is even more inert.
It can be seen that the four elders of Lei Guangtang have no background other than Zhao Ya, and they are unable to fight for more resources for Lei Guangtang. Although Zhao Ya is a member of the Zhao family, the main power of the Zhao family is in other branches. Letting Zhao Ya come here is probably a waste of time. He planned to expand his influence, but found that Lei Guangtang could not support it at all and had limited resources. The Zhao family was not fools.
“Have you heard that if this continues, I’m afraid Elder Zhao will leave!”
It immediately caused a burst of whispers among the disciples.
Elders are also an important resource for a branch. Among the disciples, who doesn’t want to have a strong backer? If Zhao Ya also leaves, then they will really never be able to get ahead.
Wang Meng on the side couldn’t help but shake his head when he heard this. Comparing the remaining memories, at that time, he relied on himself and did whatever it took to gain strength. Now it seems that he has relied on others, but there is a different feeling in his heart. This is the way of holy cultivation. road.
The evil cultivator wants one person to defy heaven, but the holy cultivator has another strong mentality, which is broader.
Wang Meng also realized something. As a member of Lei Guangtang, it seems that he should have this sense of responsibility, instead of being a bystander and casually walking up to the second floor.
Chapter 30 The most beautiful cultivator
/The tasks here are a bit more difficult. Choose a task and seal your holy order. This is considered as accepting the task. If you complete the task and hand i