econd-level Zerg directly attacks the city defense, it will cost a lot. Very few second-level Zerg will do this.

To cause damage to the second-level Zerg like a heavy laser cannon, you need to continue attacking it.
With the faster speed and stronger defense of the second-level Zerg, it is almost difficult for the heavy laser cannon to lock it down.
Only when the second-level Zerg is close to the city defense and multiple heavy laser cannons attack at the same time can the effect be achieved.
/“Warning, space fluctuations detected, activate the city energy shield!” The city defense system automatically issued a warning.
The shadow attendant in the air saw that inside the city wall, a transparent energy network covered the entire city. Then the energy network made a noise of energy flow. The grid of the energy network slowly disappeared, forming a completely transparent energy shield. .
“This is the legendary energy shield!” David looked at the energy shield that looked like huge soap bubbles in the sun through Shadow Warrior’s eyes, and was filled with admiration for the technology in this world.
Turning on the energy shield to defend a city naturally requires a huge amount of energy, which requires the consumption of a lot of krypton crystals, which will be a huge loss for Perrin City.
Therefore, the energy shield will not be turned on normally. Even in David’s memory, he has never seen the energy shield turned on in Perrin City.
Now the energy shield has started, which means a huge danger is coming.
/After the energy shield is opened, it does not include the scope of the city wall, and the city defense system is arranged outside the energy shield.
It is said that except for a specific weapon, most heavy weapons cannot shoot outward from inside the energy shield. This also makes the city defense system completely lose its combat effectiveness once it is protected by the energy shield.
This is a result that no one wants to see. If the safety of a city rests on the energy shield, if the energy of the shield is consumed, the entire city will be completely breached.
Shadow Attendant was observing in the air, trying to find the source of danger.
At this time, a soldier jumped up from the passage of the city wall. They were holding various weapons and stood on the city wall in an orderly manner.
With their heads wrapped in completely sealed helmets, David could not see the expressions of these soldiers, but he could tell that these were soldiers of the army. All the soldiers were wearing giant land lion exoskeleton armor. This was Military land combat exoskeleton armor.
Among them, he even found five soldiers holding second-grade weapons.
“Attention, the space wormhole will open at any time. Our mission is to defend the city wall. Behind us is our home and our relatives. Federation soldiers will never retreat!” Lieutenant Elmer also wore a giant terrestrial lion exoskeleton. Armor, he said in a deep voice through the loudspeaker of the exoskeleton armor.
This is not only said to the soldiers, but also to o