iang County, Xuannv Palace may be able to find a way to get it out, but if it is sent to Baiyue County’s capture room, it will be really troublesome.

iang County, Xuannv Palace may be able to find a way to get it out, but if it is sent to Baiyue County’s capture room, it will be really troublesome.
“This matter is somewhat important,” Captain Yan said hesitantly, “It’s not convenient to say it clearly.” Not to mention
that it was not convenient for him to talk about the matter involving King Jing, he regretted listening to it at that time.
Master Xuanyuan’s face sank. Zhancao, he wouldn’t really let the shopkeeper say it right, would he?
So he turned his head and looked at Du Jingjing not far away: It’s your turn to speak.
Du Jingjing is not only the patrol deacon, she also has another identity. She is a member of the Qu Adu family. She smiled at Capt. Yan and said, “Capt. Yan, there are no outsiders here. Let me tell you.”
Capt. Yan He also knows that this woman is special, and he is not afraid to stick to his principles with Xuannv Palace, but she can also mobilize the power of the family, and he is not willing to provoke her at all.
In fact, this is not a big deal! He comforted himself, and then said, “As for this matter, His Highness King Jing sent someone to invite Shopkeeper Li to take up his post a few days ago, but Shopkeeper Li refused. Then within a few days, Shopkeeper Li was attacked.”
I’m going! Everyone present in Xuannv’s palace was stunned: Is this really the case?
Master Li couldn’t help it anymore, “Is it the
/case that King Jing would specially invite him to come out?” Master Xuanyuan looked at him with dissatisfaction, then looked at Capt. Yan, “I don’t know what strengths King Jing values ??in Shopkeeper Li?”
“You This is simply embarrassing,” Captain Yan complained dissatisfiedly, “I am the captain of the imperial court, not the captain of Xuannv Palace. How can such a secret be leaked?” Master Xuanyuan glanced at
Du Jingjing indifferently. , “Deacon Du?”
“Okay, okay,” Capt. Yan shouted angrily, “It’s just these two tricks over and over again. Li Yongsheng is the inventor of the radio. His Highness King Jing discovered that radio stations can effectively educate the people, so Come and invite him.”
Chapter 453: How Much Enmity
“King Jing Educates the People?” Li Zhenren shook his head dumbfounded, “Who believes this?”
As soon as he finished speaking, he saw the eyes of the two real people in the dormitory. As soon as he lit up, he looked thoughtful – I’ll go, is there a famous place?
/He is a real person in the scholastic academy. He studies various theories intensively on weekdays. He has not been out of the profession in the past two years and does not know about radio.
However, the two real people in the dormitory had a lot of contact with the outside world and were no strangers to the new gadget of radio. Especially when they heard the words “educate the people”, they immediately realized what this was because of their sophistication. Something happened.
“I’m afraid it would be better to change the word ‘enlightenment’ to ‘incitement’,” another real person in the dormitory pointed out this point uncerem