g that now that you know the power of the True God Sect in the Ma League, you can launch a wave of assassination operations against these people first.

g that now that you know the power of the True God Sect in the Ma League, you can launch a wave of assassination operations against these people first.
Why an assassination rather than a blatant attack? Because once the news spreads, many suspects will run away directly after hearing the bad news. Even the Kusi tribe may think of something and then flee in all directions.
He Miaozhu even emphasized, “The elimination of Kusi cannot be concealed, so this wave of anti-rape operations must be placed at the front. Otherwise, I believe that as long as we attack Kusi, someone will escape quickly. ”
At this moment, the real people from Shenlu Mountain also received the news and came one after another to see the real people from White Tiger Temple.
Then everyone began to discuss and plan, who should take action against the relevant opponents.
/Soon, everyone selected nine opponents, all of whom were relatively threatening, including three high-level real people, four mid-level real people, and two elementary real people-the reason why they chose these two low-level real people , because these two people have special identities and have a relatively large influence.
If you want to guarantee the assassination of these nine people, twenty-seven real people is a conservative estimate, because real people are too difficult to kill, and three against one is barely enough. If the opponent has a real person accompanying him, the fight will be even less sure.
So Zhu Erhuan suggested that I think four versus one is safer.
Gongsun Weiming immediately said that the real people of my Gongsun family can defeat two real opponents, and one of them is a high-level one.
He and Gongsun Buqi join forces and can definitely defeat a pass. The Supreme Elder plus another cultivator from the Gongsun family can definitely defeat an intermediate cultivator.
“I, the White Tiger Temple, can also defeat the remaining seven,” Zhang Shouzuo snorted coldly.
This person is the head of the guest hall, roughly similar to the master of the main hall of Xuannv Palace. After the White Tiger Temple was severely damaged, it not only changed its name to a temple, but also established a separate system, which is different from the other three.
He said calmly, “This is a time to share the same hatred with the enemy, not to compete for morale.” The
White Tiger Temple can indeed do this, but right now everyone needs to work together and become a rope, rather than trying to be a hero.
However, Gongsun Weiming’s idea was correct. During the task assignment process, he and Gongsun Buqi were divided into a group, but the White Tiger Temple assigned a real person from the Yuan family to his family to cooperate.
The three real people of the Yuan family are all beginners, but why bother to point out: In this kind of assassination, it is necessary to have local people to lead the way. Moreover, if the high-level real people you two want to assassinate are around, if there are real people again, Yuan Zhenren can also Hold him back.
Everyone is in a