ird level of the Ding Building Stage, which are called the three ordinary levels. Flying into the air, walking empty, the elixir reaches the ninth level, and there are three difficulties in seeking the Tao. Yuan Shen, Earth Immortal, Li Chen, the road to immortality.

The monks in the late Dharma era were divided into different levels, and were evaluated based on their combat prowess and achievements: Taoist spiritual boy, lower-level spiritual master, intermediate demon-pacifying mage, superior demon-subduing heavenly master, elite innocent person, and family inheritance immortal master.
Chapter 021 Su Yu, Master, rebirth at the end of the world
Su Yu, the eldest daughter of the Su family among the three major clans of Su, Zhu and Li. She is a noble and beautiful woman. She is one of the few top-notch figures among the blood clan of this generation. In terms of qualifications and talent and beauty, he is almost the best in this generation, and he is the absolute leader among the younger members of the Blood Clan.
Of course, for all the ignorant teenagers of this generation, Su Yu’s true value is still used by them to admire and secretly fall in love with, and among these secret lovers, Zhu Peng is included.
/At this time, the young Zhu Peng stared at the beautiful and graceful white neck in front of him with a mood that he didn’t quite understand. For a while, even the heavy sleepiness dissipated, leaving only The excessive secretion of adrenaline stimulated his heart to beat faster and his face turned red.
At this moment, the girl sitting next to Su Yu suddenly turned around and met Zhu Peng’s eyes. Although Zhu Peng wanted to see the beautiful and delicate white neck, the girl’s sharp and murderous eyes showed Next, Zhu Peng still couldn’t help but look into her eyes, which were a pair of very beautiful big eyes with clear black and white.
/But at this moment, it was filled with an inexplicable anger and fire. Zhu Peng looked at him, feeling inexplicably frightened and guilty, and even his body shrank unconsciously.
The girl sitting at the table with Su Yu is called Li Shishi. Like Zhu Peng, she is from the same blood family. Su, Zhu, and Li are the branch sons of the Zhu family and the Li family. They all belong to branches and side branches of the family that are quite powerful and powerful. However, Zhu Peng belongs to the third bedroom of the Zhu family, while Li Shishi and his family belong to the second bedroom of the Li family. The two families are very close to each other. Zhu Peng and Li Shishi have known each other since childhood. When they were young, they often peed and played in a mud pit. It can be said that they were childhood sweethearts, and their relationship was originally good.
But since attending the family religious school, Master Li inexplicably betrayed this friendship. Zhu Peng knew that Master Li was close to Su Yu, so he asked Master Li to hand him a pink note, hoping that she could help hand it over. To Su Yu. Unexpectedly, after the note was issued, not only did Su Yu look at hi